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Author: Ethan Taub

Ethan Taub has C-level experience with billion dollar brands to innovative FinTech start ups with a track record of success. Ethan founded OfferEDGE, Inc. with the mission to unify finance to help make shopping for loans, credit, money and real estate more efficient. You can find his daily publications through out the education areas on company websites such as Loanry.com and Cashry.com. He is the creator of the Unified Financial Quadrant System (UFQS). One login across finance changes everything. He invests millions on brand, user experience and innovation. Ethan is a creative entrepreneur, consummate educator, spiritual explorer, with a driven work ethic. He is passionate about taking an industry somewhere it’s never been before (www.ethantaub.com).

Money Under 30

What People Under 30 Know About Money

What People Under 30 Know About Money People view money differently at each stage of their life. Learning how to manage it better sometimes comes with age. This is not always the case. There are also factors at play in how you were raised in figuring out money spending habits. When you come from parents ...
401k Cashing Out

Cashing out a 401k? Here’s What to Consider

You’ve fallen on hard times and you need financial assistance. You’ve got $100 grand sacked away in an IRA account. Should you withdraw the money, even though you’re not close to retirement age? If so, will you face a penalty? Learn what you need to know about cashing out a 401k account. When Can You Cash Out ...
Business Funding For Vets

Business Funding Programs for Veterans

So you are fresh out of the military after serving for a number of years? Now it is time to find just a regular 9-to-5 job and slog it out until retirement. Yet wait one moment. You want to start something new? Then you need to know more about business funding programs for Veterans. What ...

401k Defined and Explained: Retire Simple

Maybe you’ve heard that the average American needs over $1 million in retirement savings to comfortably enjoy their golden years. While it is easy to get overwhelmed by a huge number like $1 million, most workers get help saving for retirement in the form of a 401(k). Here a 401k defined and explained with guidance ...
Managing Money at 18

Stuff You Should Know About Money When You Are 18

If you’re heading off to college this fall with little experience earning or managing your own money, you aren’t alone. Now that you’re officially considered an adult, brush up on financial basics to make smart money decisions through your college years. It’s extremely important you know as much as possible about money when you are ...
Rent Payment Help

Housing Trouble? Places that Help with Rent Payment.

Failing to pay the rent on time could leave you vulnerable to an eviction, which could make it pretty impossible to find secure housing for yourself or your family. If you can’t make rent because you don’t have the cash, find out where you can get help. Let’s get you some help… State Rental Help ...
Affordable Vacation

How to Plan An Affordable, Fulfilling Vacation

American workers receive 10 paid vacation days on average — far less than citizens of other develop nations. Worse, many U.S. workers receive no paid vacation time since it’s not mandated employers provide it. When paid time off is such a limited commodity, how can you plan a fulfilling vacation while keeping your trip affordable? ...
Good Credit Score

What is a Good Credit Score? Your Credit 411.

Maybe you know that you need a good credit score to get a favorable rate when you want to shop personal loans or rent an apartment. If you are wondering if your credit score is good then you need to read on to learn what that really means. What is a Good Credit Score? A credit ...
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