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Julia Peoples

Author: Julia Peoples

Julia Peoples is a long-time business manager focused on providing decision making assistance to the public. She works with people at key points of their lives who are making important retirement and financial decisions. She has had many articles published that educate the public on sound financial decision making. Julia writes for those who are working towards financial freedom or a better understanding of how finances work. She has shared her financial insights with individuals on a one on one basis for years.

Can you refinance a personal loan from the same lender?

Can You Refinance A Personal Loan from the Same Lender?

When you refinance a personal loan from the same lender may seem like a good idea. However, you should consider some things before deciding to refinance. You should understand how and if you qualify. You should also make sure you understand the refinancing process.  Then you could ask yourself the question rather or not you ...

How to Get a Personal Loan with a 620 Credit Score?

In many cases, the right bank approves a personal for the low credit scores. Your credit score dictates the interest rate of that loan. Personal loans are available to you when you have an emergency expense pop up but you don’t have extra funds to pay for the repair. The most important key to receiving a personal loan and ...