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Katherine Davis

Author: Katherine Davis

Katherine Davis is a freelance writer specializing in the subjects of finance, banking, and investment. Based in New York City, Katherine's experiences combating the Big Apple’s outrageous real estate costs and living expenses have provided her with some great budgeting insights on stretching a dollar. A graduate of Penn State University, Katherine advises millennials to be disciplined when it comes to their finances and to start investing as soon as possible.

The Best Ways to Use A Loan to Grow Your Business

Having capital available is essential to growing any business. You can take advantage of growth opportunities that come up with a loan to grow your business. It’s good for you to put research into the ways that you can use a loan to grow your business. Achieving excellence regarding your product or service is an important part ...
House construction renovation abstract background and tools

Getting A Loan for Repairs: Home, Auto and More

Loans are typically used by consumers to make significant purchases or pay large bills. This makes it ideal to use loans for repair needs that come up for one’s home, vehicle, or another large and valuable possession. Home or vehicle repairs could potentially cost thousands of dollars. Most of us don’t want to take large amounts out ...
Coins from which the trees grow

Short Term Business Loan To Help Get You There

One of the biggest obstacles to success for many business owners out there is the need for capital. Capital allows business owners to invest in the commercial ventures they envision. Funds are necessary to cover a variety of different expenses. With loan funds, individuals can start and/or grow their businesses. At the same time, those who are just ...
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Startup Loan Built for The Confident Entrepreneur

Any business venture requires upfront funds to get anywhere. Entrepreneurs can’t start a company without some upfront capital. Fortunately, there are many options that entrepreneurs can explore when they’re searching for the source of funds for business they need. The important thing is to do research and fully understand what the motives are behind getting ...