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Tag: Auto Loans

Tag: Auto Loans

Auto Loan Statistical Overview: By the Numbers

The data show not all Americans are benefiting from the strong labor market… The share of subprime borrowers who fell well behind on car payments the last three months of the year was the highest since the second quarter of 2010. ~ Bloomberg.com (February 12th, 2019) I told a girl I can start right away, ...

Auto Loan Basics Spelled Out: Lending 101

Ever notice how there are things it feels safe to ask about and other things you feel like you’re supposed to just magically… know? A friend of mine recently mentioned she’d purchased a car. She told me the color, make, and model. I asked about the engine, its features, and how it felt to drive. ...

Shopping for an Auto Loan: What You Should Know

If you get nervous when shopping for a car or auto loan, you’re not alone. Many people want to get the best deal when purchasing a vehicle, but don’t know how to negotiate or get rates they preffer with auto loans. Learn everything you need to know about shopping for auto loans so you can ...