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Tag: bad credit auto loans

Tag: bad credit auto loans

Successful businessman offering a car key with contract.

How to Drive Away With A Car Loan After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is embarrassing. It feels horrible, you lose so many things important to you, and we’ve been culturally indoctrinated to treat it as some sort of massive “failure.” What’s almost worse is that it TAKES so long. The paperwork, the meetings, the reworking how you live your life – like you’ve committed a ...

Subprime Auto Loan Options to Get You on the Road

Subprime auto loans are types of loans that are used to finance a car that is purchased. They are offered to people with a limited credit history or a low credit score. These loans usually have a higher interest rate when compared to prime loan options. And they can come with a prepayment penalty if ...

Used Car Loans with a Green Light Approach

If you shop for your auto loan when buying a used car, it puts you in a better negotiation position and can save you the money over the life of your loan. Need to Know Information about Used Car Loans There are different things you need to keep in mind before you apply for used ...