Auto Refinancing

Quick Summary

When most people think of refinancing, they think of refinancing a mortgage or other large loan. But did you know that refinancing options are available for car loans as well? They come with the same advantages, and you can quickly find what sort of refinance option you can qualify for online.

Refinances are based on change: Rates, deals, and your own personal financial situation may have changed since you first took out an auto loan. A refinance allows you replace your current auto loan with a new version that can take advantage of the latest terms or available deals. Refinances can come with other advantages as well, including the ability to save on payments. If your old auto loan pales compared to the options available today, consider making the change.

Advantages & Disadvantages


-Savings. There are many ways that a refinance can help you save. If you qualify for a lower interest rate, you may be able to save on your monthly payments. If you lengthen the term of your loan, you may be able to reduce those monthly payments further. Some refinances come with specific discounts that apply to fees or early payment discounts as well.

-Online comparisons. A key factor in refinancing is comparing your various options to find the one that's most advantageous. Thanks to Loanry's online forms, you can quickly compare different offers to find which work well for your finances.


-Extra fees may also apply. Refinances are not always cheaper: They may include extra fees or costs that can reduce your savings if you're looking at auto loans.

-They aren't always better. While refinances are designed to help put you in a better financial situation, this is not a guarantee. A lot depends on when you took out your auto loan and how much has changed since then. Generally, you won't be able to borrow money and then immediately turn around to look for a refinance.

What Should I Know About Auto Refinancing?

It's very important to compare all terms if examining your auto refinancing options. Focusing only on one term can be dangerous if the other terms fluctuate too much. Also remember that while extending your loan term will reduce your monthly payments, it won't actually reduce your interest, just spread out payments more. Make sure you can handle the total amount of the loan as well as the monthly payments if you want a safe, effective refinance.