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#Wedding Loans Read Full Article The Cost of Not Saying ‘I do’ $3.7 billion owed by couples for weddings that haven’t happened A couple’s wedding day can be the most special and memorable day in any relationship. It is unforgettable not only for the couple themselves but for friends and family as well. Some weddings involve months and even years of... The Cost of Not saying ‘I do’ - $3.7 billion owed by couples

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#Personal Loans

The Weirdest Reasons Americans Have Taken Out Personal Loans

In 2019, more than 20 million Americans had personal loan debts – more than double the amount of people compared to 2012*. Not only this, but the amount that people are borrowing is also on the rise; in the last five years the number of people with a personal loan debt of over $30,000 has […]

Solar Panel Loans: How to Use a Personal Loan for Solar?

Like many people, you may have been thinking about going solar for a long time. There are a lot of reasons to go solar, but you probably don’t know much about the logistics of it yet. It will also require a large financial commitment in the beginning in order to install your new solar panels. You […]

How to Compare Personal Loan Offers from Multiple Lenders

You should always take time to compare personal loan offers before borrowing. Borrowing is going to impact your finances. Therefore, it’s essential to be sure that any loan you take out won’t negatively impact you financially. Consumers should be aware that there are many different personal loan providers. All of these providers show differences in the […]

How to Get A Personal Loan in Texas with Bad Credit?

Everyone needs a personal loan in Texas at one time or another. Emergencies arise, and projects become feasible, or someone in the family becomes ill and needs financial support. Sometimes family members or close friends need bail money.  It happens to the best of us. However, it can be challenging getting the funds you need […]

#Credit Cards

The Top 0% Intro APR Credit Cards You Should Consider

Credit cards are the holy grails of credit. They carry a lot of weight when it comes to credit scores and financial profiles. Every debtor should have at least one credit card on his or her credit report. Each debtor should also make sure that the credit card of choice is one that works best […]

Difference Between Debit Cards and Credit Cards Explained

At first glance, it may seem like a silly question. Debit cards allow you to, you know… debit stuff. Credit cards, on the other hand, offer you, um… credit. Yeah, it’s not such a silly question after all – especially if you’re trying to decide when to use which option. So we’re going to take […]

11 Airline Credit Cards To Get You Off The Ground

Many of us know what a credit card is and most of us know how to use them. When it comes to credit cards, it is important to remember to use them wisely so that you do not get yourself into a large amount of credit card debt. I would like to focus on the best […]

Best Airline Credit Cards to Get You Off the Ground

Are you ready to explore the world? Whether you travel frequently for business or always look forward to your next vacation, airline credit cards are the great choice for saving on airline miles and other travel expenses is essential. You want to spend less on transportation and hotels so that you can spend more on […]

Credit Cards for Dummies for Those That Aren’t Dummies

Searching for a credit card is a bit like trying to find the perfect outfit. It’s an intensely personal experience. In other words, the credit card you choose should be a reflection of your financial situation as well as your current credit status. If you don’t have A1 credit you can’t apply for a platinum […]

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How Hard Money Loans Can Leave You in Hard Times?

When you first enter real estate investing, you hear a lot of terms that do not exist in other industries. One of these, hard money, sounds like it has to do with concrete deals, but it actually describes a type of loan specific to the real estate industry. It does not refer to anything related […]

Helpful Tips to Refinance a Rental Property

Chances are that if you are paying on a mortgage for a rental property, you have probably at least heard about refinancing it. Refinancing a rental property means that you are paying off one mortgage by opening another one. You are basically exchanging one mortgage for another one. This may seem counterproductive, but it does […]

The 7 Best Mortgage Lenders That Make You Feel At Home

Finding the right mortgage loan is an essential step in purchasing a home. There are many different mortgage lenders out there. You need to find the best one for your needs. Many mortgage lenders provide mortgage loans that won’t work for you. Doing your research is important. You should start your search for a mortgage loan […]

How to Qualify For A Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

A consumer’s dream of owning a home doesn’t have to end simply because of bankruptcy. Consumers with a recent bankruptcy are often eager to know when they can qualify for a mortgage again. When it comes to the mortgage after bankruptcy, a consumer’s chances for fast approval vary widely. Many factors impact how long a consumer must wait […]

Everything You Need to Know About Collateral Loans

You’re probably familiar with several types of collateral loans without being aware that’s what they’re called. If you’ve ever paid for a home over time or financed an automobile, you’ve probably used a collateral loan. In a typical mortgage, the home itself acts as security for the loan; if you don’t make your house payments, […]

#Auto Loans

The 7 Top Auto Loan Companies for Bad Credit Revealed

How to Drive Off With A Pre-Approved Car Loan

Choosing a new car is hassle enough itself. Getting financing in order does not have to be. Before you start shopping for a car, have your financing lined up with a pre-approved car loan. You have probably heard the terms “prequalified” and “preapproved”. Both are helpful steps but which one should you go for? Well, […]

Speedy Tips for Buying a Car Out of State

Many people choose to buy a car out of state over buying a car in their state for various reasons. Sometimes, sellers are offering a much lower price than others or maybe someone in another state simply has the vehicle the buyer is looking for. No matter the reason, it is a common occurrence. It […]

How to Drive Away With A Car Loan After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is embarrassing. It feels horrible, you lose so many things important to you, and we’ve been culturally indoctrinated to treat it as some sort of massive “failure.” What’s almost worse is that it TAKES so long. The paperwork, the meetings, the reworking how you live your life – like you’ve committed a […]

The Best Places to Shop for a Car Loan

It’s time to shop for a car loan, but how do you make sure you get the best deal? If you have bad credit or limited income, you may wonder if any lender will even consider your application without laughing you out of the dealership. For starters, the secret is not to limit yourself to […]

#Business Loans

Should I Use A Business Loan Brokers or a Direct Lender?

Starting or running a business can be tough. Every step of the process can be a challenge, but perhaps none more so than getting the money you need to move up your business. The saying, “It takes money to make money” is true with all businesses. Even the simplest of businesses need things, so what […]

The 9 Best Business Lines of Credit to Consider

Having a line of credit available for your business is important for numerous reasons. As a business owner, you need to understand the business lines of credit. You also need to find the best available credit line for your growing company. Establishing business credit is important for acquiring capital when you need it. For success […]

The Top Places to Find Federal Business Loan Grants

When you start a business, one of the biggest hurdles – funding – can seem unsurmountable. You can obtain funding using multiple means. One of the basic ways is to bootstrap your business, but if cobbling together small amounts from various areas of your personal budget and maxing out your credit cards does not appeal […]

How to Start a Business Without Going Into Debt

Starting a business and being self-employed is a great way to enjoy greater freedom and independence. When you run your own business, you are your own boss. You’re also not financially dependent on another entity. However, it costs money to start a business. If you want to know how to start a business, you need a way […]