Bad Credit Auto Loans

Quick Summary

Don't let bad credit keep you from your next car! If you've struggled with credit in the past, you may dread shopping for a new or used car. What if you find just the model that you want, but don't get approval for the necessary financing because of your credit score? Loanry works to remove the uncertainty behind car loans by allowing you to examine all available bad credit auto loans immediately, even before finding the car that you want. Learn what lenders provide these "bad credit" financing options and just how much money you can receive to buy your next car. Then take action on your terms, without worrying about failure.

Advantages & Disadvantages


-Not always about the numbers. Bad credit auto loans provide cash even if your credit score doesn't look pretty. These types of loans tend to focus more on your ability to repay and your current financial circumstances, which means less worry about whatever number your credit score shows.

-Allows you the opportunity to improve your credit. With a bad credit loan, you can help improve your credit by making timely payments, slowly restoring your credit history and making it easier to manage financing in the future.


-Bad credit loans do require a little extra. Depending on your situation, you may have to compromise a little on these loans. They can provide less funding or higher interest rates as a way of making up for poor credit ratings.

-The details are important. We mean all the details, including the type of car you ultimately decide on and where you buy the car. The key is to take the loan process patiently and be as adaptable as possible.

What Should I Know About Bad Credit Auto Loans?

While lenders do like to see signs of reliable income when making loans, especially bad credit loans, they may be willing to work with you in certain circumstances. If you desperately need a vehicle to make it to a new job or look for more work opportunities, you may want to take an extra step and explain this to interested lenders. If lenders know they are enabling you to seek out more work and a higher source of income, they may be more willing to help you with the right kind of loan.