Medical Financing Options for Any Reason

Getting old and fat as well as losing clear eyesight, teeth, knees, hips, and whatever else that suddenly stop working due to age is not necessarily fun. I refuse to allow aging to let my body fall apart when there is advanced medical technology available. It is now possible to repair and replace any necessary parts.

There are lap band procedures for the morbidly obese. Lasik eye surgery to correct vision. Liposuction and fat freezing to get rid of that annoying belly fat. Dental implants can replace all your teeth. Knee and hip replacements can help you to become your own version of the Bionic Man (or Woman). There is plastic surgery available to repair, augment, or reduce all kinds of things.

Medical Financing Options for Different Purposes

When I was ready for a newly reconditioned body, I got excited about all the possibilities. Then I looked at the cost. Yikes! Elective surgery is not covered by insurance except the lap band procedure for life-threatening situations and knee or hip replacement if ordered by a doctor.

Without insurance, these procedures have to be paid for by cash or by using medical financing options. Even with insurance coverage, there may be a high deductible or copays and you may need a partially use credit for medical bills.

Nevertheless, I was determined to do a body makeover and it helped quite a bit to have medical financing options to pay for the procedures over time. Medical finance loans saved the day!

Lap Band Procedure

I decided to do a lap band procedure first. I was tired of being fat. Forget about diets. I go up and down like a yo-yo. I was looking for a more permanent solution. Could I really go from 350 lbs. down to a slim 165 lbs. with a lap band surgery?

I looked at the before and after photos of those who did the surgery. They are really amazing. My friend had it done, and he told me the hardest thing to do was to eat a handful of food. The stomach is made so small that there is no room for more. He said he always felt “stuffed” even when he hardly ate anything at all. The weight just disappears at a steady rate of about one to three lbs. per week for the first year, and then slower thereafter. He lost 200 lbs. very quickly, so I figured I could too.

Obesity News Today reports the doctor’s rules are that a person having the lap band procedure must have a body mass index (BMI) of higher than 40. If you have a BMI of 30 or higher and some other disease like diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure, this also qualifies.

Insurance Coverage

With insurance coverage, the out-of-pocket costs for this procedure are about $3,500. For those without insurance coverage, it costs about $15,000.

WebMD says that the lap band procedure is the safest of the gastric surgery choices. The procedure is pretty simple but the recovery time is about two to three weeks before an average person can go back to work. Some need up to six weeks to recover. Figure your loss of income and add this amount into the budget for your total cost.

The downsides to this surgery are that it does not work for everyone, you may get nauseous when eating too much, and there may be another surgery necessary in a few years to remove the lap-band or replace it if it slips or wears out. It is not for everyone, so consult a doctor about your particular circumstances.

Lasik Eye Surgery Loans

When I turned 50, my eyesight went from a perfect 20/20 to an out-of-control blur. This was very upsetting because I never used glasses before in my life. Glasses are OK, but I was too vain to wear them when I needed them. I was constantly asking people in the grocery store to read labels for me so when I bought a can of tuna, it was for humans instead of cat food by accident.

I did wear glasses for working at a computer, so I could read because without them everything was impossible to see. After I was slim again from the lap band procedure, I thought I should try Lasik eye surgery to repair my vision. Wow! I am really glad I did. Once again, I used the medical financing options and got a loan for medical bills to pay for eye surgery.

Some people have trouble with Lasik eye surgery. The main complaints are permanent dry eyes, halos, glare, and double vision. It may make night driving more challenging. If the procedure is not perfect there is the possibility of over- or under- correction of vision.

I was Lucky this Time…

In my case, I was lucky. I had an excellent result. There was no pain during or after the procedure. My vision restored back to 20/20, which is how it was for the first half of my life. I plan to live to be 100.

The cost of the Lasik surgery was only $2,500 for both eyes. I saw the procedure advertised for as low as $299 per eye. But I was too frightened to seek bargain prices and went to a nice eye surgeon with a fancy office and happily paid about five times more. I am not sure if I needed to do this but it felt comfortable to me. Since I used medical loan for vision care, I was going to pay off the loan over time anyway.

Paying off the loan was easy because I had extra monthly cash. I stopped drinking beer after my lap band surgery. The doctor told me I would not lose weight if I continued to drink beer. Liquids can easily get past the lap band and still make a person stay fat! I missed the beer but I enjoyed my new eyesight. Now, I don’t look like a doddering old fool who cannot read anything in the grocery store.

Liposuction and Fat Freezing Financing

My friends got so jealous of my rapid weight loss that they wanted to try something to lose weight as well. Some got liposuction to vacuum out the fat cells causing belly fat. Others tried a newer procedure, which is a kind of body sculpting using a device that freezes the fat cells.

Liposuction is faster; however, it has more discomfort. The fat freezing (also called CoolSculpting) is easy and painless. It does require going back for many treatments. To get a nicely finished result using fat freezing takes up to a year.

The average cost for liposuction to remove belly fat is $3,500. Medical financing options help pay for this. The doctor makes a small incision on the side of the belly where it will not show later. Then, the doctor inserts a tube connected to a vacuuming device. The doctor runs it back and forth sucking out the fat cells that are in a layer just under the top of the skin. After the surgery, you wear a belt for a while to hold things in place and let the tissues reconnect and heal. There is bruising, swelling, and soreness for about two to three weeks.

The cost of CoolSculpting is similar to liposuction at $2,000 to $4,000. The procedure is non-invasive. A medical tech (no doctor required) puts a device that gently pinches some fatty area of the body into a machine. Then, the freezing happens. It takes a few weeks to notice any results. More treatments are necessary to continue to freeze adjacent fatty areas. There are no side effects except a bit of bruising. The liver naturally eliminates the debris of the fat cells that are killed by freezing, which bursts the cells.

Dental Implant Loans

When I got better eyesight, I noticed my teeth were in pretty bad repair. I was never one to go to the dentist on a regular basis. When I went to the dentist, he gave me the bad news. I had about four places that were infected by gum disease and the roots of the teeth were dead. The dentist suggested root canals; however, I don’t like them, and they can cause problems.

Instead, I opted for a completely new set of teeth. No dentures for me. I wanted dental implants that are as good or better than real teeth. Luckily, I knew how to use medical financing options because these new teeth are really expensive.

I gave up getting a new car to get new teeth instead. The cost was $26,000, which is less than a new car for sure. With the medical financing options, which include medical loans for bad credit, I was able to keep my monthly payments affordable and within my budget.

Knee and Hip Replacement Financing

An old sports injury flared up, which made one of my knees go out. I had noticed osteoporosis in both knees and the pain became intolerable in one of them. My doctor recommended a knee joint replacement in the awful knee. They replace the knee mechanism with a titanium system that works as if your knee is brand-new. I was surprised at how well this works. Indeed, I was able to make a full recovery after hanging out for a while binge-watching my favorite shows. I can now play tennis like a youngster on my new knee.

The cost of the knee surgery was $49,500. My deductible was $5,000 so that was the amount not covered by insurance, which I had to use my medical financing options for my  medical financing needs.

I don’t know why but hip replacement cost is cheaper at around $39,000. It must be that the mechanism for the knee is more complicated and costly because the surgery for both procedures is very similar. If you have a big deductible on your health insurance plan, then consider using the medical financing options that are available to help pay it.

Going Through Metal Detectors

I have fun now going through metal detectors at the airport, as long as someone attractive is doing the frisking. I look ahead to the TSA staff in the lines to choose a cute one because I know my knee will set off the metal detector. Then I carry a doctor’s letter, but they usually frisk me anyway, so I might as well enjoy it.

If the TSA staff is not good-looking, I close my eyes and imagine that they are. Adding a few quiet oohs and aahs during the pat-down search seems to get them properly annoyed. I tell them I am really ticklish. That usually results in a “move along” command soon enough. As you get older, it gets fun to play dirty old grandpa tricks like this.

Plastic Surgery Loans

When I investigated plastic surgery options, I was shocked to learn how many procedures there are. All of these procedures and surgeries are good candidates for the medical financing options that are available.

Here is a list of the surgeries and common procedures done by a plastic surgeon:

Face, Head, Eyes, Nose, Lips, and Ears

  • Facelift — The average cost of this surgery is $8,550.
  • Forehead lift — The average cost of this surgery is $6,450.
  • Brow lift, including getting rid of unibrow problems — The average cost of this surgery is $7,150.
  • Cranial reshaping — The average cost of this surgery is $6,450.
  • Eyelids — The average cost of this surgery is $2,400.
  • Ear shaping and pinning — The average cost of this surgery is $4,150.
  • Nasal surgery and nose shaping — The average cost of this surgery is $7,475.
  • Augmenting lips — The average cost of this surgery is $2,500.
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate repair — The average cost of this surgery is $4,150.
  • Facial implants — The average cost of this surgery is $3,550.
  • Shaping of chin, cheeks, or jaw — The average cost of this surgery is $4,525.
  • Mouth surgery — The average cost of this surgery is $4,025.
  • Hair replacement surgery — The average cost of this surgery is $4,150.


  • Breasts can be made larger and to match each other — The average cost of this surgery is $6,450.
  • Breast reduction — The average cost of this surgery is $5,800.
  • Breasts lift — The average cost of this surgery is $6,600.
  • Breast reduction for men who have gynecomastia — The average cost of this surgery is $5,475.
  • Tummy tuck (abdominal surgery) — The average cost of this surgery is $6,500.
  • Thigh lift — The average cost of this surgery is $8,550.
  • Hand repairs — The average cost of this surgery is $4,500 and up.
  • Upper arm surgery to reshape them and remove sagging skin — The average cost of this surgery is $7,175.


  • Chemicals, laser, and glycolic peels — The average cost of this surgery is $3,000.
  • Skin planing and dermabrasion — The average cost of this surgery is $4,150.
  • Collagen injections — The average cost of this treatment is $300.
  • Botox injections — The average cost of this treatment is $375.
  • Filler injections — The average cost of this treatment is $350.
  • Removal of veins — The average cost of this surgery is $4,150.
  • Scar or tattoo removal — The average cost of this treatment is $375. This requires multiple treatments.

My Choices for Plastic Surgery Financing

Using the medical financing options and being able to get a personal loan for cosmetic procedures, allowed me to choose from this menu list and pick the procedures I wanted. Removal of the teardrop tattoos I got while in prison was nice (just kidding!). I have to admit, I did go for hair transplantation. I am happy to report that the procedure was a success and I do not look like I have doll hair in front. No more comb-overs for me. Let the wind blow through my new hair. It’s real. It’s mine and it’s permanent.

I could have used the medical financing options for more but I think a man with a full head of hair and a rugged face looks pretty interesting. In my opinion, there is no need for men to try to look like a young male model. That actually makes an older guy look foolish to me. I certainly did not want to end up like the plastic surgery disasters of some famous people who took this option way too far.


With all the medical financing options available, there is no reason to wait to have life-changing procedures done. It took me a few years, after I turned 50, to get all the work done and pay for it. All that time, I started looking better and better.

My health improved. My looks improved. The most important takeaway from this experience was my self-esteem increased dramatically. I plan to live to be 100. I decided that instead of counting up from my 50th birthday, I would count down from 50 to zero. Now, as I count down each year for my birthday, I am enjoying my forties once again and looking forward to getting younger every day.

Now that you know what is possible and the medical financing options to support it, including medical loans for any reason, maybe you should give your body a makeover too.


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