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You’ve come down sick with something your primary physician can’t diagnose. He won’t give you medicine for something he doesn’t understand, even though you’re screaming in pain. He sets you up with a specialist for testing. Unfortunately, your insurance doesn’t cover this specialist. You may need medical loan financing.

Let’s say you have a badly twisted knee from playing too rough with the kids or the dog. You know a chiropractor will fix it right up. You’ve used them before and liked the results. Unfortunately, your insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic. Medical loans for bad credit may help.

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You’ve taken your daughter to every type of doctor under the sun for treating her migraine headaches. Not one of them helped for more than ten minutes. You cringe and your heart breaks every time she cries. You’re seriously considering holistic medicine or Eastern medicine. Of course, your insurance doesn’t cover such doctors. Loans for medical finance may help.

How to Finance Your Medical Bills

There are plenty of reasons insurance companies won’t pay for your medical treatment and/or medication. Remember they’re in the business of not paying on claims if the risk is unacceptable. Insurance is all about risk. It sounds messed up, but if you’re healthy, they want you. If you’re not healthy, then you’re on your own.

Out Of Network

Out of network simply means that the doctor or specialist doesn’t have a contract with the insurance company. The insurance company may or may not have a good track record of reimbursing the doctor, so he didn’t sign a contract. In network doctors did sign such a contract.

You can always appeal it with the insurance company if you can show that it was an emergency. An out of network doctor was all that was available. You also stand a good chance of having the insurance pay if you can prove that no in network doctor could fix the problem.

If the insurance still won’t pay for your treatment and you need treatment from an out of network doctor, chances are good you’ll be paying for it yourself with medical loan financing in the form of a loan for medical bills.

Get Medical Loan

Medically Unnecessary

The law describes medically unnecessary as “when they (tests, medications, or treatments) are not reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury,” according to Washington, D. C.’s Vogel, Slade, and Goldstein. Pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals have been nailed to the wall for doing just the opposite.

Again, you can appeal a “medically unnecessary” decision to your insurance company with the help of your doctor. Not all insurance companies are heartless, especially if patients suffer chronic pain, diabetes, heart troubles, and a score of other illnesses and diseases.

But therein lies the rub. There are dozens of completely unnecessary tests and other medical things that harm patients, such as carotid artery stents where there was no need. COPD patients who are asked to use supplemental oxygen run the risk of carbon dioxide poisoning. No one in their right mind would call either of those a good much less necessary thing.

Perhaps if the wording of the request were tweaked, the claim could very well go through. You’ll never know, though, if you don’t call the insurance company and try. Only when all else fails should you get medical loan financing.

Questionable Hospital Admission

There are two types of hospitalization: observation and inpatient. Your doctor might think your condition or illness requires inpatient status. The insurance company might very well agree, but according to some weird rules and standards, the insurance company will consider the hospital stay observational. They won’t pay for it.

This is how Americans go bankrupt with medical bills piling up. You can use one of several methods of paying for the hospital stay such as credit cards or taking out a second mortgage on your house. There’s a quicker, easier way, though.

It’s surprising how many people aren’t aware of personal loans. They may be called emergency cash loans, medical loans for bad credit, medical finance for urgent care, a loan for medical bills, or medical loan financing, but money is money, no matter what you call it. Personal loans can be used for whatever reason you care to name. Medical bills, pardon the pun, fit the bill.

Sorry, No Can Do

Hall and Oates were talking about love when they sang that song, but it does seem to perfectly fit insurance companies not paying for drugs. It’s exceedingly frustrating that insurance companies will pay for certain drugs in the treatment of a condition, illness, or disease, but not pay for other drugs that actually work.

You go online to access a list of acceptable drugs for which the insurance company will pay. The drug your doctor gives you samples of is listed. However, when the doctor calls the insurance company to get authorization for a prescription, the insurance company won’t pay for it. Even if the drug benefits the condition, illness, or disease, it’s still “sorry, no can do.”

You and your doctor now have a choice. You can keep on using the drug that does a mediocre job of treating the condition, illness, or disease. Alternatively, the doctor can prescribe the drug that works better, but you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket. Unfortunately, they usually cost both arms and a kneecap.

Some pharmaceutical companies will help people who can’t afford their medications by giving it to them free of charge. Unfortunately, patients will only receive a limited amount of the drug. If you want a year’s supply of the drug, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Here’s where emergency cash loans, medical loans for bad credit, medical finance, and a loan for medical bills come into the picture. Medical loan financing was invented for these people and situations.

Insurance And Chiropractic

7 Reasons to Use a Medical Loan: Dr. Debt

While it’s true that a few insurance companies cover chiropractic, many don’t. Chiropractors aren’t allowed by law to prescribe drugs. They don’t do tests for medical conditions. Chiropractors can only adjust the body to alleviate pain and return the body to its original stature following an accident.

Because chiropractors aren’t technically “medical,” most insurance won’t cover their treatments. Another factor is that chiropractors “fix” the problem, so the patient can’t be treated indefinitely for a condition. Insurance wants to pay for indefinite treatment.

For the most part, if you’ve been in an accident and are in pain, then you go to a chiropractor on your own. Even if your medical doctor would refer you to one, the insurance may or may not cover chiropractic. It’s time to check out emergency cash loans, medical loans for chiropractic treatments, medical finance, or medical loan financing such as a loan for medical bills. Personal loans can be used for lots of reasons, and being treated using chiropractic is a good one.

Holistic Treatment

The National Institutes of Health tells us that 33 percent of adults and 12 percent of children used alternative treatments in 2012, the latest date for which there is data. They’re spending over $30 billion a year for complementary medical treatments.

Acupuncture and massage are covered by most insurance companies, but there are some that won’t. Yoga and meditation are beginning to be covered, but holistic medicine still is not covered. That’s unfortunate, since these methods of treatment are often successful where traditional medicine was not.

Credit Impact Medical Bills

The NIH article said that the majority of people paying for alternative and complementary medicine were uninsured. Until the insurance industry updates itself and covers alternative and complementary medicine, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Personal loans in the form of medical loan financing, emergency cash loans, medical loans for bad credit, medical finance, and loan for medical bills.

Eastern Medicine

When Eastern medicine is mentioned, people envision Chinese doctors with acupuncture rods, bowls of bark and grasses, and odd-looking liquids. Westerners are aware that Eastern medicine has been keeping people healthy for thousands of years. They’re game to try it but aren’t sure if their insurance covers it.

Eastern medical practice focuses on the body’s energy or qi (pronounced key.) This energy governs body functions, fighting outside health threats, and turning food and drink into necessary support for the body. If the qi is out of balance, the person is ill.

One of the more popular Eastern treatments is called Qi gong. It encompasses breathing, meditation, and focused movements to balance the qi. This is said to benefit diabetics, those with high blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, and more. It isn’t covered by insurance, though. You have to pay for it.

While some Eastern medicine practitioners use acupuncture, cupping, and herbal remedies to balance the qi, it still isn’t considered “medical.” While Western medicine considers it interesting, it thinks Eastern medicine doesn’t heal. Insurance therefore won’t pay for it.

There simply are some methods of healing that Western doctors can’t match. When their tests, imaging, and drugs won’t cure or control a medical condition, illness, or disease, Eastern medicine is a logical alternative. However, you’ll need to take out medical loan financing like emergency cash loans, medical loans for bad credit, medical finance, or a loan for medical bills in order to get the treatment you need.

Herbal And Home Remedies

Americans are turning more and more to natural remedies such as herbs and using food as medicine. Eminent doctors (Dr. Axe and Dr. Weil come to mind) write treatises on the healing power of herbs and food. Nutritionists and other health personnel are working with people to use these methods to heal medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases.

Some herbs or proprietary formulae are expensive; some aren’t. People are used to popping into their local pharmacy to pick up a bottle of herbs. They’re less used to seeing doctors or other medical personnel for proprietary formulae. However, they pay for these things, because they’re working.

When people find a trusted medical professional and use their formulae, they don’t mind paying for it. The snag to that is that this stuff is expensive. While we’re not talking pharmaceutical prices here, the preparations still cost a lot of money. You might not require tens of thousands of dollars in medical loan financing like emergency cash loans, medical loans for bad credit, medical finance, or a loan for medical bills, you’ll still need some funds to pay for the medicine.


There are patients who can no longer get the medications they need through insurance, so they order them online for cash. Some don’t have insurance at all, so they order what they need online, paying cash for them. Others order medications online for which their insurance won’t pay. It’s about taking matters into your own hands, especially when you’re being told you can’t have what is helping you. It’s about money most of the time.

The snag to this is that sometimes the medication shipped to you is inferior in quality to that processed by American pharmaceutical companies. You might receive an asthma inhaler, but it’s called something else and feels watered down. However, it’s all you can afford or have access to, so you go with the flow.

Doctors generally don’t approve of obtaining medications from foreign countries due to quality control. They end up fixing the problems caused by such medications. They may understand your dilemma, but they don’t like it.

Being forced into a situation like this can be expensive. Foreign pharmaceutical companies usually ship you three of something to get you through until the next order. It’s up to you to make sure you have enough medication to last you. Getting the money to pay for it is often a problem.

Not if you have access to medical loan financing. Again, you might not need thousands of dollars, but you can ask for enough to get you through a year until something better comes along. Your health is nothing to mess with, so take out enough in medical finance to see you through.

Interconnection Between Medicine and Insurance

The connections between the medical field and the insurance world are tough to figure out. One is about acceptable risk, and the other is about taking no risks at all. One is about money, and the other is about life and making sure it continues. And one is about what is necessary to optimal good health, and the other is about “are you sure about that?”

The medical industry isn’t the Divine. It doesn’t always know what causes a health problem or how to fix it. It probes, tests, images, eliminates choices, and tries lifestyle changes in order to close in on the problem. Once they “get” it, though, there’s no stopping them. It’s when they can’t “get” it that patients seek alternative means of healing.

That’s where insurance has a major problem. Insurance only focuses on its main things such as auto, home, life, or health. Nothing exists beyond that word. Therefore, alternative, holistic, and other methods of healing don’t exist. If it isn’t “medical,” you’re on the hook for medical loan financing.

This poses a problem mainly for those without insurance at all. Even those with insurance seek other methods of healing when they get tired of wrangling with insurance companies. These patients don’t mind digging until they find someone who can and will help them.

It’s paying for it that’s usually the problem. People have been driven to bankruptcy trying to pay for medical attention in whatever form it takes. They max out their credit cards, use their 401ks, take out second mortgages on their homes, sell their treasures, or borrow from family and friends. No one should have to do that where their health is concerned.

Final Thoughts

Thank goodness there are loan companies that will give people a personal loan for medical loan financing. You can call them by whatever name you wish, but they’re personal loans. What you use them for is up to you. It’s not difficult to do and usually takes between hours and one day to obtain.

There are companies that direct you to the loan company most compatible with your needs and financial situation. They don’t a loan, they direct. This saves people lots of time in calling loan companies only to be told they can’t be helped. The companies that direct you to loan companies use that time to narrow down and focus on the loan companies most able to help you. Before you pick up a phone, call one of these directing companies for help.

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