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Overview: Coming to Terms

Short term business loans are helpful when covering unexpected business costs where funds are needed quickly. Whether you need to make an emergency payout, buy replacement equipment, or put on a sudden event, a short-term business loan can provide the necessary capital. As the name suggests, short term business loans are generally set up to be repaid over relatively brief time periods – from six months to two years on average. There are many different types of short term business loans available, depending on your needs and circumstances. Often, they’re the same as most long term small business loans other than having lower amounts available and shorter repayment schedules.

Term Loans – These are the most familiar type of loan for most people and carry the most typical business loan terms. Your business receives a lump sum up front to be repaid on an established schedule (usually monthly) until paid in full. Interest rates are typically fixed, so the payments are the same each month and easier to budget for. Funds may be used for just about anything your small business needs, making small business term loans a particularly flexible option in a wide range of circumstances. These are all generalities, and there are as many specific types of term loan as there are lenders and borrowers. Don’t assume every offer carries typical small business loan terms; always pay attention to the details before signing.

Equipment Loans – This type of short term business finance is designed specifically for the purchase of essential equipment. This often means lower interest rates are available, since the equipment acts as natural collateral for the loan, lowering the risk to lenders.

Lines of Credit – A line of credit (LOC) is one of the most popular types of short term business finance, even if it’s not set up specifically as “short term.” Your LOC operates much like a credit card, meaning you can use as much as required, whenever you choose, up to your pre-established limit. You only pay interest, however, on the amount you’ve actually used so far, and as you repay borrowed funds, they become available again for future borrowing. Often, minimum monthly payments are “interest-only,” making repayment the most flexible of all short term business loans.

Merchant Cash Advances – The merchant cash advance (MCA) relies as much on your business’s cash flow as it does your credit history. As the term suggests, this short term business loan is offered in exchange for direct access to a percentage of daily or weekly revenue, usually in the form of credit and debit cards. The money is automatically deducted from transactions utilizing plastic, making repayment both convenient and a bit out of your direct control once established. This allows flexible lengths of time for repayment, with less coming out when business is slow and more when it picks up. The convenience and flexibility is offset by this being one of the most expensive forms of short term business finance.

Invoice Factoring – Similar to MCA, “factors” (technically, they’re not “lenders”) buys a companies outstanding invoices at a discount and takes over responsibility for collections. The company gets necessary cash quickly and the factor makes a profit as invoices are paid.

Invoice Financing – A variation of factoring in which an actual loan is provided with repayment guaranteed by the borrowing company’s outstanding invoices. The invoices themselves, however, remain the property of the small business doing the borrowing.

Almost any form of small business financing can be a short term business loan based on the amount borrowed and the repayment agreement, including SBA loans, small business credit cards, or ever personal loans used for your small business.

Uses of Short Term Business Loans

There are numerous reasons you may be short term business loan shopping. Here are a few of the most common:

Weathering Emergencies or Slow Periods – Many small businesses lack the capital to keep going at full speed when business lags or unexpected problems arise. Maybe your business is seasonal, or severely impacted when the economy slows. Maybe you’ve been impacted by a natural disaster or fire and find yourself underinsured, or running short while you wait for your insurance to pay. If you know that your challenges are temporary, short term business loans may be the perfect option.

Taking Advantage of Unexpected Opportunities – In some businesses, the ability and willingness to leap when circumstances are just right can be the difference between prosperity and merely holding on. Whether it’s a special offer on inventory or equipment, a chance to hire just the right staff, or a window of opportunity as a competitor folds or seeks a merger, the ability to access ready cash quickly can make all the difference.

Expansion – Sometimes you have to spend money to make money (or at least to make MORE money). You may be confident that with additional inventory, more manpower, a second location, or new equipment, you could quickly recoup your investment and more. Small business term loans might provide a solution.

Business Start Up – This is not quite as common as the others, and there are far more traditional ways to finance a new business. If you’re an entrepreneur, however, requiring a modest amount of funds to take the next step, but not requiring the major investment of a larger company, some form of short term loan with a lower limit might do the trick.

Qualifying for Short Term Business Loans

Most lenders will expect you to arrive prepared with thorough documentation of your business plan, recent business income, profit and loss statements, and other relevant records. Although they can pull up your personal credit history easily enough, it’s a good idea to provide any past business loans you’ve utilized and detailed repayment records for each. They may also ask about your personal income over the past few years.

Your credit history and that of your business are major factors in whether or not you qualify for a short term small business loan, and what terms you’ll be offered if you do. That said, short term loans are sometimes easier for businesses with limited or poor credit to secure since the amounts being offered are lower and repayment takes place over a much shorter amount of time.

Bad credit does not automatically disqualify you from a short term business loan. Some online lenders actually specialize in bad credit business loans and other non-traditional lending. Higher risk usually means, higher rates, however, so be prepared to try several business loan companies before committing.

Loanry® is here to help you get your Business Loans


Why Loanry?

When you’re running your own business, you don’t always have time to go from lender to lender, telling your story over and over, waiting every time to see if someone’s willing to take a chance on a hungry local entrepreneur. Besides, you compete for your customers. Most businesses do. Why shouldn’t lending work the same way?

With Loanry, we’re flipping the world of small business lending right-side up. The ongoing growth of the internet has changed the nature of finance in countless ways, one of which is the explosion of online lenders of all sorts. More lenders means more competition for your business – and that means better opportunities and terms for you. At the same time, it can be daunting to try to search the web yourself and take your chances with the first catchy name that comes up in the search results. That’s why Loanry has crafted a carefully curated database of reputable online lenders from which to draw. We act as an online lending marketplaceto help you find a lender.

A little basic information about yourself and your goals, from any connected device, whenever it’s convenient for you and from wherever you are, and we’ll do the hard part. Then, when the connection is made, it’s up to the lender to make you an offer with which you’re satisfied. If not, you’re committed to nothing, with us or them.

We can’t make running your own business easy, but not everything about it has to be so hard. And you don’t have to do it alone.


As you shop business loans and compare business term loan lenders, don’t let the pressures of the short-term make you lose sight of the long-term. Every loan is both a risk and an opportunity. The right loan can help you solve immediate problems and lay the foundation for future growth, but remember that payments are due every month for the life of the loan. The solution may be immediate, but the commitment keeps going.

Those payments are an opportunity in and of themselves, however. Every timely payment is another step forward in your business’s credit history. Over time, you’re building your financial credibility and setting the stage for even greater financial flexibility down the road, and on better terms from a wider variety of lenders.

You probably didn’t go into business for yourself primarily to make lots of money, but if you didn’t realize it before, you’ve quickly learned that money impacts every decision along the way. It can limit our reach or expand our options, open doors or lock gates. Maybe it’s not all about the money, but it’s often about what the money lets us do – and the people it lets us do it with and for.


Running your own business requires endless time, energy, and focus. You’ve no doubt become an expert in your field and may find yourself talking about it with anyone who’ll listen – and maybe even with those who don’t. We’re the same way. We love sharing our insights and experienced regarding personal and small business finances, freely and in plain, simple English with anyone who might benefit.

That’s why we’ve built a “content mall” of related sites, each devoted to different aspects of your personal or small business finances. Learn how to create an effective household budget or watch a brief video outlining the different types of small business loans. Read up on how to best prepare for tax season or ways to save enough on your utility bills to pay down your high-interest credit cards faster than you thought possible. Use our online tools to compare loan options or estimate interest. Whatever you need to know, there’s a good chance it’s covered in plain, simple English and freely accessible from wherever you like, whenever you like, in one of our thousands of informational blog entries or our hundreds of videos.

As our “content mall” expands, we hope you’ll visit,,,,,,, and – and of course you may utilize as often as you wish. The focus of each is different, but the goal of everything in the family is the same – to help you take better control of your financial world by offering a central location for information, comparisons, and connections.


Did You Hear?

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston S. Churchill (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1940 – 19a45, 1951 – 1955)

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Short Term Business Loans to Get from Here to There

One of the biggest obstacles to success for many business owners is the need for capital. Capital allows business owners to invest in commercial ventures, cover expenses, or otherwise grow their business from vision to reality. At the same time, those who are just starting out often don’t have these funds available to do what’s necessary. It’s one of small business’s cruelest ironies – you can’t grow until you have the resources, but you can’t get the resources until you grow.

Enter the short term small business loan in all its varieties.

Short term business loans make it possible to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Hire labor, purchase equipment, or rent office space or other types of commercial facilities – whatever your specific needs, the right short term financing can help get you from where you are to where you know you could be.

We’ll help you better undearstand the most common varieties and what to expect along the way. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll connect you with a lender who wants to partner with you in making it all happen.

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Pros & Cons of Short Term Business Loans

You’ve got the dream. You’ve got the drive. Now you need the capital. Is a short term business loan the answer?

Pros: Ideal for Many “Good Problems”

Whether it’s time to expand, grab up a competitor’s inventory, or hire the prefect fit, a short-term loan can cover a wide range of circumstances and it’s totally up to you how the funds are applied.

Pros: Helps with Many “Bad Problems”

If your business is seasonal, or takes a hit when the economy wanes, a short term loan can help you weather the storm. In times of natural disasters or other damage to your business, they can bridge the gap until you can rebuild and reboot.

Pros: Builds or Strengthens Credit

The more often you take advantage of financing and pay it back successfully, the better your credit rating with lenders. That means more options and better terms as your business grows.

Cons: Extensive Paperwork

Profit and loss statements, personal and business income, and numerous other documentation may be required for approval. Get your numbers organized before you begin.

Cons: Collateral or Personal Guarantees

If you haven’t been in business long, lenders may require a personal guarantee or even collateral to secure your loan. That means a personal risk to your credit score and possible loss of property if anything goes wrong.

Cons: Failure to Repay Damages Credit

Even a short-term loan has to be repaid faithfully, every month, to avoid damaging your credit. It would be nice if the obligation went away as soon as the money was spent, but unfortunately that’s not how it works.

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We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


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