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Travel Financing made simple.

There are many reasons why you may need to travel to a different location. You could be going on a vacation, traveling on business, visiting universities, relocating to a new home in a different country, or have a family emergency. Having the best travel experience is a must.

When traveling, sometimes you may be short on cash to buy airplane tickets, hotel lodging, meals or car rentals. Yet you shouldn't let this issue cancel your travel plans. Instead, get where you are going with travel loans from that can pay for these expenses so you can focus on what is important.

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Reasons for Travel Loans

Vacation Travel

You may be going to a once-in-a-lifetime event across the country or even on a belated honeymoon. A travel loan can help provide you with an easier way to have the money to go toward special events, food, or other entertainment.

Emergency Travel

An emergency can spring up anytime such as a sick relative in the hospital or a birth that occurred sooner than expected. A travel loan can be used for airplane tickets and lodging while you are visiting family.

Business Travel

A great new job opening has sprung up, or a business opportunity fell into your lap where you need to seal the deal with investors. Business travel loans will cover all your expenses related to your job or company so you don't have to use your personal finances.

Below619fico scoreBad Credit Travel Loans

You may be carrying a large amount of debt and your credit rating is poor. Even with these circumstances, you may still be able to get a travel loan for emergency or vacation travel.

Airline and Transportation

Airline tickets and rental vehicle costs can add up, especially during the holidays and when you are traveling in large family groups. You may consider using a travel loan to help pay for your tickets, checked bag costs, airport meals and car rental expenses.

Hotels and Accommodations

Don't be restricted on which hotels and accommodations you need once getting to your destination. Also, in times of emergencies, you may need to make special lodging arrangements when hotels get booked. Get the money you need to make the accommodations that are right for your circumstances.

Entertainment Expenses

When on vacation, there may be special shows, events and concerts you want to see. can give you the right amount you need to pay for special entertainment expenses.

Dinning Expenses

Dining meals while on vacation or travel can really add up and make you go over your regular budget. Dine anywhere from fancy restaurants or iconic diners, or go on pub crawls to taste craft brews while traveling with the right travel loan.


With a travel loan, you can have the money for shopping sprees, to purchase souvenirs, or to buy some items to replace things that may have become damaged or lost while traveling.

Linking Your Life and Your Loan

When Travel Loans Make Sense

Most people will go on some type of trip at least once in their lives. Yet paying for large vacations, emergency trips and business travel in one large sum can put a strain on finances once you return home. A travel loan can help your personal finances so that you can make easier, smaller payments each month after the trip is over. In addition, travel costs can cause budget creep where you spend more than you expected. A travel loan provides a set amount so you can better budget your finances and not have to worry about spending too much on unnecessary things during your trip.

Perfect for Non-Reward Trips

Credit cards are usually the go-to way to pay for travel expenses whether it is pay for food or travel tickets. However, people with poor credit may not have a reward credit card to use so they can earn airline miles, hotel perks and other loyalty rewards. In these circumstances, a travel loan can be a lifesaver for emergency and business travel when you need the money more than earning the rewards. Also, for business travelers, a travel loan may be more helpful than a personal credit card. You know the exact loan amount that you will get with the loan, and can be later reimbursed by the company for what you spent.

Flexibility Without Collateral

A travel loan is considered a form of unsecured loan. So you don't have to put up any collateral such as a car or home to lower the lender's financial risks of nonpayment. Like a credit card, the loan will have to be repaid. Yet you will know the loan amount beforehand as you can better budget your personal money without putting a strain on finances. In addition, the travel loan is a personal loan. There are no restrictions on what you have to use the money for or how much of the loan that you have to spend. If you don't use the entire amount, you can simply pay the money right back to the lender.