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Repairs rarely wait until the ideal time to become necessary. You’re on the way to work when the strangest sounds start coming from under the hood and you find yourself coasting into the nearest parking lot. You’re trying to get dinner on the table before the kids have to be a half-dozen different places when you realize the oven never pre-heated. You arrive home after a weekend with the in-laws to discover water pouring in from a mysterious source somewhere upstairs.

At times like these, you can’t afford to wait until it’s convenient to pay for repairs. Unless you have an emergency fund set aside for just this sort of situation, you’re going to need cash, quickly, so you can get things going again. An emergency repair loan allows you to quickly handle unexpected problems while strategically structuring your repayment over time, usually at a fixed interest rate and stable monthly amount.

We rarely plan on taking out a loan for major repairs. Chances are, they didn’t wait for a good time to become necessary. But you have options, and you can take control of the situation with a little effort and a few good decisions. Things may even work out better than they were before (sometimes those repairs were long overdue and it was just a matter of time anyway). So take a deep breath, detail your needs, your wants, and your options – then move forward with confidence. This is doable, even if we may need a little help along the way.

Is A Repair Loan Right For You?

There are always options, even in unexpected circumstances. It may be time to replace that vehicle or that stove rather than repairing it yet again. Is it likely to last longer than it would take you to pay off the loan you’re taking out to fix it? Other problems can be “paused” while you consider your options. Should you agree to share the downstairs bathroom and have those pipes capped to avoid further damage while you figure things out?

Much of the time, though, repairs are essential if you’re going to make it to work, feed your family, or even juggle getting ready in the morning. Rather than resorting to a high interest credit card or letting yourself be lured in by “payday loans” or other disreputable “quick fixes,” it may be time to look into legitimate auto repair loan or home repair loan options. If your credit history isn’t ideal, don’t assume you’re out of luck. There are multiple online lenders who specialize in auto repair loans for bad credit and home repair loans for bad credit.

What Else Should I Consider?

Even in the most pressing circumstances, new debt should never be taken on lightly. It’s essential you have a realistic plan for repaying this or any loan on time, every time, for the life of the loan. In the same way that the terms and interest rate you’re likely to secure for an emergency repair loan are largely influenced by your current credit rating and credit history, how you manage the loan largely impacts your credit rating and credit reports going forward. That means the next time you look into financing a repair or anything else, your options will largely be shaped by how you handle this debt, this time.

If practical, ask for references or look online for reviews or recommendations before hiring outside labor. Certain websites exist solely for this sort of thing, but social media can be an effective tool as well, depending on your circle of friends. Balance the urgency of the situation with caution – you’re better off getting quality work done at a reasonable price next week than paying someone too much to do a bad job right away.

Sometimes circumstances shouldn’t become pressing before we take action. Not all repairs are completely unexpected, and putting off essential maintenance can mean higher expense under greater pressure than if we explore auto repair financing or a loan to fix up house before it’s an emergency. Maybe the best time to deal with your repair emergency is before it becomes an emergency.

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Why Loanry?

Let’s be honest – if you’re in a situation requiring you to borrow money to get something fixed, life is not exactly cooperating fully at the moment. There’s nothing naturally convenient about confronting this sort of challenge.

That doesn’t mean, however that things have to be more difficult than they already are. The reality is that you have options today that wouldn’t have been available a generation ago. The world of finance has been transformed by the internet and the viability of online lending. You’re no longer left with a choice between borrowing from your grouchy Uncle Harold or taking time off work to visit the loan officer at your local bank. Online lenders offer a range of specialties and services and surprisingly competitive rates – all without having to endure a lecture about why you never should have let yourself end up in such and such position or losing a day’s wages. As long as you have access to a computer, laptop, or phone, you can do business when and where it works for you. And you might be surprised at how quickly you receive a response.

You may be worried about your credit history and whether or not you’re automatically out of luck for a repair loan. To be sure, your credit score matters. A higher number means access to better rates and sometimes more flexible terms. You will no doubt encounter some lenders who aren’t interested in working with you unless your credit score and history reflect a certain level of convenience and low-risk for themselves. That’s the nature of the lending business.

But other lenders specialize in loans for bad credit and in borrowers looking to build or rebuild their credit. They may be willing to take a chance on you in hopes you’ll come back to them when you need a loan in the future. Between now and then, you’ll be making your payments, refining your household budget, establishing a stronger credit history while raising that score. Oh, and hopefully you’ll have those repairs finished as well!

That’s a large part of what Goalry is all about. You may not know where to shop for a repair loans online, or even what questions to ask. We can help with that, and so much more. Whenever you’re ready.


We all want to make the best decisions we can when it comes to purchasing and maintaining our homes, our vehicles, and our other worldly goods. At the same time, most of us endeavor to spend wisely as well. From time to time, we anticipate poorly and end up in need of immediate funds for essential repairs. It’s not how we planned it, but it is often how things go.

That doesn’t mean we can’t manage our circumstances with an eye on the future. A repair loan doesn’t have to be taken out carelessly and need not leave us feeling behind in the game. The right loan can not only help us solve our immediate problem, but may act as an opportunity to strengthen or rebuild our credit history going forward. By choosing the right online lender and negotiating the best available terms, we’re taking a difficult situation and turning it into a positive. Every payment we make, on time and in full, is a mark in our favor. A better foundation for the future. And in the meantime, those essential repairs are handled.

It may seem a bit Pollyanna, but our financial future is as much about mindset and small choices as it is major events. We’re often told that we can’t always control what happens, but we can always control how we react or respond – and that’s precisely what this moment is all about. What happened matters, to be sure – but how we react and respond matters more.

At Loanry, we can’t make the decisions for you, but we can help you find possible lenders. Just as importantly, we can help you seize this moment to take more effective control of your finances and your financial future. This moment will pass, and you’ll come through better off than before. After that, it’s all about where you want to be a year from now, five years from now, and ten years from now.

We can help you get there.


Loanry is an essential part of the Goalry family and one in which we take great pride. It is, however, only one part of what we do. We’re building a “content mall” of sites that deal with almost every aspect of personal or small business finance. You can learn about mortgage terminology on the blogs and read up on ways to reduce your monthly expenses on Explore different sorts of savings accounts and investment options on, then check your credit scores on and learn more about what sort of information is likely to appear on your credit report.

As our “mall” expands, we hope you’ll visit,,,,,,, and – and of course you may utilize as often as you wish. The focus of each is different, but the goal of everything in the family is the same – to help you take better control of your financial world by offering a central location for information, comparisons, and connections.

Whatever you need to know, there’s a good chance it’s covered in plain, simple English and freely accessible from wherever you like, whenever you like, in our library of over a thousand informational blog and hundreds of YouTube videos. More are being added every week. And of course you’re always welcome to use our online tools to calculate your loan options, compare lenders, and more.

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an Emergency Fund: Money 911

How do you begin putting together an emergency fund when money is tight even when things are going well? Leah from Loanry talks straight talk about reducing your stress in times of crisis, protecting your credit score, and avoiding unnecessary debt.

See, at Goalry, we can help you find emergency repair loans or any other sort of loan. But that’s only part of the big picture. Our online tools, informative articles, and universal sign-in across sites aren’t just about surviving crises. We want to help you take control of your personal and small business finances, from budgets to investments to loans to tax preparation.

And yes, maybe putting together a small emergency fund for the next time repairs

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Pros and Cons for Repair Loans

A personal loan can be useful in a number of situations. Whether you want to consolidate bills to a lower payment or cover an unplanned emergency expense, personal loans are designed to help bridge the gap.

Pros: Doesn’t Let ‘Bad’ Become ‘Worse’

While putting off some repairs simply means doing without for a time, in many cases, the longer we delay, the worse the problem becomes. If the repair is inevitable, sometimes it’s better to do it now.

Pros: Restore Your Credit

You shouldn’t wait for something to break to begin rebuilding your credit. If you are suddenly looking into home improvement loans or something similar, however, it’s a critical opportunity to establish a better, stronger payment history.

Pros: Structure and Predictability

Unexpected problems don’t mean you have to feel out of control forever. Car repair loans and other repair financing allow you to regain control of the situation and address it over time in predictable payments.

Cons: Pressure Situations

More than almost any other type of loan, emergency repair loans are often required at the worst times in less-than-ideal circumstances. Consider your options before committing to new debt.

Cons: May Not Be A Long-Term Solution

Every choice between fixing and replacing is a guessing game. It might run forever with a little care, or fall apart tomorrow no matter what. Gather the information you can, then make your best call.

Cons: Protect Your Credit

Failure to repay your repair loan on time, every time – even after your stuff is fixed – can severely damage your credit rating, making it even more difficult to manage difficult situations in the future.

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We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


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