Auto Loan Financing

Quick Summary

Buying a car isn't just about adding a new asset to your name: It's about your lifestyle, your opportunities, and the roads open to you. You need the right vehicle for your plans and family – which isn't always possible to afford, depending on your finances. Here is where auto financing can help those who need a new or used vehicle to find the model that fits them, without being limited by a severe cash ceiling.

If you've seen local auto ads, you probably know that dealers offer a varied field of financing options, each with its own pros and cons. Loanry helps you quickly, efficiently find auto loan financing throughout a network of dealers, so that you can pinpoint what sort of loan options might fit your financial situation – and your goals for a new car. You get the vehicle that you've been looking forward to with an auto loan that's well-timed and could even help you improve your credit.

Advantages & Disadvantages


-You can find a loan option based on the information you provide. Our online services allow you to find a dealership options to save time and find you an auto loan solution.

-Financing depends on income, cash and credit. How much you can afford for a down payment, your credit history, and your income will all affect your auto loan options. One of these – the down payment – is relatively easy to change, which allows for some experimentation if you are looking for a suitable loan.


-Documentation is required. From pay stubs and bank statements to tax returns, you may need to gather evidence of your income and financial situation. Preparation is necessary and important.

What Should I Know About Auto Loan Financing?

It's a smart idea to start by finding a loan that you have a good chance of qualifying for. This, combined with how much you can afford for a down payment, helps determine how much you can afford. Know your budgeting limit before your heart is set on a particular model: You are less likely to be disappointed, and now have another tool to use if you are picking the right vehicle or negotiating with dealers.

Does Financing Lock Me Into a Specific Vehicle?

Loanry's auto financing tools do not lock you into a specific vehicle or even a specific dealer: Your loan options will typically span a number of nearby dealers. However, if you have any questions about specific financing for a certain vehicle or model, it's a good idea to discuss this with dealers to get a better idea of what options are available: Specific or limited time offers may be possible in your area.

Can I Use This Financing To Buy a Car Wherever I Want?

While we prefer that you deal with our select network of dealers, you do have the option to buy a vehicle where you see fit. This can even include out-of-state purchases, but with a few caveats: Out-of-state deals tend to involve extra taxes or fees that you or your auto loan may need to pay for. Remember to weigh these costs against buying from a more local dealership.