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Wedding Magic

Weddings are events like no other. They’re supposed to be special, and they’re certainly worth an investment of time and resources beyond what we’d devote to most other occasions. But that doesn’t mean that they have to break the budget, or that the best marriages are the ones that start off in the deepest debt.

It’s appropriate to go a bit above and beyond on some things when planning that special day. Keep in mind, however, that the focus us supposed to be the couple standing up front and celebrating their lives together. Despite what the wedding industry, the TV shows, the magazines, the shops, and the fancy venues would like you to believe, everything beyond the two people in love and a preacher licensed to sign the certificate is entirely optional.

The good news is that in recent years, more and more Americans have come to recognize the value of rethinking the opulence associated with traditional weddings. Smaller services or alternative approaches have become increasingly accepted as interesting and practical rather than shortcomings or unfortunate compromises. With a little planning and creativity, you can have a wedding worth remembering for the rest of your life without paying for it for the rest of your life.

How you pay for your wedding, or the wedding of a son or daughter, is part of that careful planning. As you explore your options for financing a wedding, consider a personal loan. The right loans for wedding expenses help you do several things more effectively. They require you to establish your budget ahead of time so that you’re not simply spending as you go and hoping for the best. They give you a flexibility you might not have if relying on others to chip in and provide various items or services for the big day. They allow you to efficiently address unexpected circumstances or evolving needs without having to involve others at every step.

Your most typical wedding loan is a fixed-rate term loan, meaning that you know in advance precisely how much you’ll owe and for how many months. Your payments will be the same each time, and any additional fees or penalties for late payments are clearly spelled out before you commit. There are many things you can’t control about a wedding, no matter how well you plan. Your budget doesn’t have to be one of them.

Why A Personal Loan?

Whether you’re paying for your own wedding or celebrating it on behalf of a child or other love one, personal loans have several advantages over other financing options. More than anything else, they give you a specific amount to spend, but total flexibility as to how you spend it. If you want to focus on dresses and rings, that’s your decision. If you’re far more interested in the band and finger foods than what color the flowers are, it’s your wedding. A marriage loan is there to allow you to make the day magical, not to tell you what that has to look or feel like for you and yours.

Unless you have a particularly low interest rate and a comfortably high limit on one or more of your current credit cards, getting a loan for a wedding is going to give you more financial flexibility and better terms than using plastic and simply paying as things come to mind. There are better and worse credit cards, but they are largely designed to tempt you into eternal repayment without significantly lowering your balance. A personal loan, on the other hand, lets you know before you even commit exactly when and how it will be 100% paid in full.

Because these are personal loans, you’re not putting up your house or car as collateral to finance wedding expenses. Your rates and other terms depend largely on your personal credit score and recent credit history, along with your current income. Some lenders will consider your current employment situation and overall debt-to-credit ratio or other factors. You may have to look a little harder and compare your options more carefully, but never assume you can’t qualify for wedding loans with bad credit.

Finally, while you should absolutely prepare and follow a careful budget, always assume there will be unexpected expenses or other wrinkles along the way. Build these into the amount your request at the outset.

We Need To Talk

Studies repeatedly suggest that one of the most difficult topics for many couples is money. There’s something uniquely personal about what we earn and how we approach spending. Even if we don’t think money is that important to us, how we think about money and what we do with our money often matters. The joining of two lives doesn’t have to mean the joining of two checking accounts, but it does mean some very honest – and possibly uncomfortable – conversations and at least a basic coordination of resources.

How much do you make? How will you handle monthly bills as a couple? Who will make which decisions about money, and how will you approach it if you disagree? How accountable should you be to one another for how much you spend, and on what?

If you’re taking part in any sort of pre-marital counseling (many ministers require this before they’ll agree to perform the ceremony), this is a great topic to begin discussing before the big day. Even if you’re not, it’s an essential discussion, and one possibly loaded with more emotion than you might expect. Don’t worry – you’ll get through it. You’ll learn more about each other and it will be pretty good practice for many more challenging conversations to come.

Loanry® is here to help you have the wedding of your dreams


Why Loanry?

Any successful wedding starts with preparation. The same thing is true of successful loans. Ask yourself what elements of a loan are most important to you. Is it the total amount available? The lowest interest rates? The easiest repayment terms? Experiment with one of our online calculators to see how each adjustment of one factor impacts the others. Check your credit score before you begin applying so you’ll know whether you should demand premium interest rates or compare bad credit wedding loans.

Request information from your local bank or credit union. Discuss your options with trusted family members or friends. Then come to Loanry. We don’t loan money ourselves. We’re not selling you anything. Every part of the Goalry family is designed to help you take more effective control of your personal and small business finances. Information, online calculators and tools, and connections to reliable and creative online lenders, all available 24/7, from any connected device – wherever you happen to be, whenever you decide you’re ready.

You’re going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future, but that’s OK. You can read up on loan options on your laptop over coffee or request a loan quote from a lender on your cell phone while riding the bus to work. Experiment with loan terms and interest rates on your lunch break at work or learn more about investments for normal people like yourself on your tablet after the kids have gone to bed. We can’t make everything about your new marriage easy, but we know for a fact that the money parts don’t always have to be as hard as others would like to make them. So, how can we help?


Matrimony is, by definition, a form of starting over. In our 21st century United States, it’s an act of unbridled optimism and a bold assertion of hope. Mixed in with all of this, it’s a chance to reboot and build something new. As you celebrate your nuptials, keep in mind that part of the whole marriage motif is building a future together. Part of that future – and an essential feature of most of it – involves financial security.

This is the perfect time to create a household budget together and look at ways to shave down that cable bill or renegotiate that cell phone plan. You may still be enamored enough with one another to live without quite as many streaming services or to reduce how often you eat out. It’s not about eliminating fun; it’s about choosing how you use your resources and keeping part of your focus on next year, and five years from now, and twenty. You may want to have kids one day, or you may already have kids whose wants and needs are rapidly evolving. You may eventually want to purchase a different home or a newer car or go somewhere special for an anniversary.

In the same way that your current credit rating and recent credit history shape the terms on which you’re able to finance today’s wedding plans and related expenses, what’s available to you in the future – and on what terms – will largely depend on the choices you make between now and then. Like so much else at the moment, that starts today. And, like so many other very big things, it’s largely about the little decisions you make day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year.

Time, as far as we can tell, only moves in one direction. You can’t relive the good parts or go back to fix what might be broken or change what should have been different. But you have today, and every day hereafter, to take a few steps at a time in any direction you choose. Make the most of them.


Too many lessons in life are learned the hard way. We struggle, we hurt, and sometimes we fail. We can’t avoid this most of the time; it’s the nature of this weird existence. But with a little effort, we can learn in other, less painful ways – at least some of the time. We can educate ourselves about wedding finance or when we do or don’t want to take out a loan for marriage related expenses.

At Loanry, we’re best known for our ability to help you find wedding loan lenders or other online lenders who we’ve found to be as reliable as they are creative when it comes to loans for a wedding or any other financing needs you may have. But that’s not the full picture. Our “content mall” covers a wide variety of financial topics and issues, and each “store” offers you information and encouragement in clear, simply English. The online tools are free. The information is free. The video instruction is free. There are no quizzes or grades, and you can explore as much or as little as you like, from any connected device, at your convenience.


Did You Hear?

"You don`t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear."

Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet and Playwright)

Educate Yourself

Wedding Magic Without

Money Tragic

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You may have been dreaming of it or planning parts of it since the first time you attended one or watched one on TV. It’s wonderful to dream big, but unless you’re marrying into serious money, there are practical considerations as well.

You can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the budget – IF you’re willing to plan ahead. We can offer tested strategies for saving on some of the more common elements of a traditional wedding. Once you’re thinking creatively, there are no limits on what you might come up with on your own.

The key to almost any wedding budget is to decide on a few priorities. These are the things towards which you’re willing to devote a substantial portion of your budget. The rest will require some creativity and maybe a few compromises, but it will be worth it not to begin your new life together in crippling debt – or worse, regret.

We’ll help you sort through some of your options and talk about how to finance a wedding in such a way as to make your debt something manageable and positive, helping propel you towards your future instead of chaining you to your past.

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Reasons for Wedding Loans

One secret to magical weddings without supernatural debt is choosing a few elements which are the most important to you. Focus your resources on these while seeking creative alternatives to the rest. Here are some reasons for taking out a wedding loan.

Photography & Video Loans

Don`t leave your memories to chance or to a random relative or friend! You deserve a talented professional photographer to capture the pictures and videos that you will treasure forever. Quality photographers can be expensive – that`s where a wedding loan can help.

Wedding Ring Loans

More than any other tangible part of the wedding, your rings will (hopefully) in use and on display for the rest of your lives. Find a balance that makes sense for you as a couple between precious and practical. Wedding rings can represent something priceless without being unnecessarily pricey. As you make your choice, you may find it helpful to finance your rings as part of a larger loan for a wedding to avoid multiple bills coming due every month. There are even online lenders who specialize in wedding ring financing for bad credit.

Wedding Venue Loans

Your wedding venue sets the tone for your big day. It's easy to blow your budget before you've made it past the question of where. You can save 30% or more by picking an off-peak month or day. There are many ways to cut venue cost. Loans for wedding expenses can help cover the difference.

Honeymoon Loans

Relationship experts say it’s better to buy experiences than things. If there’s to be any nuptial splurging, the right honeymoon is an excellent choice. Focus on destinations or activities which are likely to build on your identity as a couple rather than becoming sidetracked by other couple’s dream honeymoons or the stories you’d like to tell your friends when you return. Where do YOU want to be together to celebrate? The most important part of wedding financing might not be the wedding at all.

Wedding Entertainment

You may care more about what happens at your wedding than what it looks like or what you take home afterwards (besides, you know… your new spouse). Live entertainment, great food, a creative bartender, or your own unique ideas of celebratory fun. A wedding loan can help you create an experience for everyone present.

Wedding Guest Expenses

You want the important people in your life, no matter where they are, to help you celebrate your special day. That could mean getting them hotel rooms, treating them to meals, and providing local transportation. A wedding loan can help cover your guest-expense bills and alleviate the discomfort that comes when friends or loved ones want to support you, but can’t navigate the expense of being away from home on their own.

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We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


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