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Wedding Loans made simple.

Weddings are special. Your memories of your wedding day will last the rest of your life. Don't hold back! Have the wedding you've always wanted.

When planning a perfect wedding, expenses can mount up fast. A wedding loan can help bridge the gap between the wedding you've dreamed of and what you can pay for with the cash you have on hand.

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Reasons for Wedding Loans

Photography & Video Loans

Don't leave your memories to chance or to a random relative or friend! You deserve a talented professional photographer to capture the pictures and videos that you will treasure forever. Quality photographers can be expensive – that's where a wedding loan can help.

Wedding Ring Loans

The last thing you should skimp on are your wedding rings! A wedding loan can help you afford rings as magnificent as the relationship they symbolize.

Below619fico scoreBad Credit Wedding Loans

Even if your credit rating is less than stellar, you may still be able to get a loan to help you with the costs of your wedding.

Above660fico scoreGood Credit Wedding Loans

The responsible way you handle your finances has paid off with a good credit score. You may be able to get a wedding loan with excellent terms to help finance your wedding.

Wedding Venue Loans

Your wedding venue sets the tone for your whole wedding day. Splurge on the venue that you really want. A wedding loan can help you pay for it.

Honeymoon Loans

Your honeymoon is special. It's not the time to take a low-budget trip. Start off your marriage on the right note. can help you pay for it.

Wedding Entertainment Loans

Celebrate your marriage by providing the best live entertainment for your guests. The right DJ or band will have everyone up and dancing. A wedding loan can help you get the entertainment you really want.

Wedding Guest Related Expenses

You want the important people in your life, no matter where they are, to help you celebrate your special day. That could mean getting them hotel rooms, treating them to meals, and providing local transportation. A wedding loan can help cover your guest-expense bills.

Linking Your Life and Your Loan

What Kind of Loan Can I Get to Help Pay for My Wedding?

If you need more money to pay for your wedding than you have on hand, wedding loans can help you bridge the gap. Wedding loans are personal unsecured loans. “Unsecured” means that you don't have to put up any collateral for your loan, so you are not putting your car or your home at risk.

Is it Better to Finance My Wedding With a Personal Loan or a Credit Card?

Some people use their credit cards to help finance their weddings. For people who have excellent credit ratings, the interest rates are sometimes lower on credit cards than on personal loans. However, personal loans have several advantages.

  • Personal loans give you a specific amount of money. That helps you stay within a budget. When you use credit cards, it's easy to fall into the trap of spending more than you expected – and then you end up with a bigger bill to pay off.
  • When it comes time to pay back your wedding loan, you will know how much your payment will be each month. That may make it easier to set aside the money for repayment.

Where Can I Get a Personal Loan for My Wedding?

Technology has made it easy to go shopping for a loan from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have an internet connection. At, you just push a few buttons and fill out a short form, and our smart engine searches for a lender who may meet your needs. The process is very fast. If we find a lender, you could have the money as soon as the next day.
It's so simple, you might be surprised to find that shopping for a loan can be fun. And you're always in the driver's seat, with no obligation to accept a lender's offer.
This is a great time we're living in, when you can use the power of technology to help you finance the wedding you've always wanted.