How to Find Small Personal Loans Online?

How can I get a small personal loan fast?

A small personal loan is something that we need from time to time to pay for everyday expenses. Either it is for weddings, vacations or maybe pay off outstanding medical debt. Seeking out these types of loans mean that we as debtors are looking for small personal installment loans such as small cash loans online.

Small personal loans can be obtained through a variety of avenues. You can get a small personal loan through the following:

  • Bank
  • A family member or friend loan, or
  • Get a small personal loan online

From the Bank

Personal loans from the bank require a good credit score in order to be approved. As well as a minimal debt-to-income ratio. If your credit score is fair you can apply for these loans. However, approval chances are not as high as those with a good credit score. If your credit score ranges as bad or anything below the 550 scores, there is no need to apply for this option.

From a Friend or Family Member

If your credit score is not sufficient for a traditional bank loan, or you do not want to run the risk of a hard inquiry from a different lender, maybe you have the option to obtain a small personal loan from a family member or friend. Before you ask someone to borrow money, keep the loan request professional and maintain a written contract. Make sure that you are asking a person who has a reliable income to supply you with the loan. Make sure this person has not recently experienced any emotional or financial tragedy.

With a small cash loan

If the two options above are not available as loan options, you can always apply for small cash loans online. Using an online lender finder service. You have the ability to search the different lenders available and determine if you qualify for a loan. Often times you will prequalify for a variety of loan options. Despite your credit score, you have the ability to choose your small personal installment loans options.

Personal Loan Shopping

Small Personal Loans from Online Lenders Starting at and up to $1,000

Sometimes the small cash loans online are small in number such as funds. There are several uses for small personal loans that do not require an excessive amount of cash. If you need less than one thousand for an emergency or just to get through to the next payday, then you have that option when you search for the small personal installment loans. Using the online lender finder service allows you to search based upon the amount that you require. You can also search based on its reasoning. It is used when evaluating your application for the requested loan.

For those with less than good credit, getting much more than one thousand in a loan in less likely the smaller the score. It is the same for those with less than fair credit scores. These loans are great for those unexpected mechanical expenses. For example, when your alternator in your car has died and a mechanic is needed. Many of us living paycheck-to-paycheck do not usually have enough funds laying around for such an emergency. This is why these small online personal loans are convenient. They also prevent you from over-borrowing. Thus overextending your debt with the loan.

Because you need less than one thousand for your loan, then you are able to quickly and efficiently apply for the loan all online through the finder service. You can expect your money to be in your account the following business day at the latest. Also, you are able to maintain the business that you need. On top of that, you are able to make the payments all online. Meaning that not only is the money easily accessible, but so is repayment so that you can maintain healthy credit.

How do small personal loans work?

Small personal loans do not consist of major amounts, but they usually refer to any amount at or below $5000. While this amount cannot be used for something as large as a wedding, it can cover school expenses, home repairs, or any other unexpected expense that has since arisen in your life requiring quick cash that you just do not have. Has the emergency arisen in the middle of the night? No worries, apply for and receive your funds through the night and have them in the bank the following morning for your convenience. Choosing to get small personal loan online allows you to keep your business within yourself and not reach out to others for a loan. Having to ask friends or family for a loan can be embarrassing at times, or it could cause a break between a once close relationship.

  • Apply Online
  • Search Your Options
  • Get Cash
  • Make Payments

Apply Online

Obtaining small personal loans online has never been easier than it is in the present. The entire system from application to receiving the funds, as well as repayment can all be found conveniently through the lender’s portal online. By securing their online websites, applications can successfully be uploaded into the system and information appropriately stored. You may be required to quickly prove your income. Some lenders may require proof of pay stubs to show that you are regularly paid. Once the income is confirmed, however, there is often little to no extra steps and your approval is only minutes away.

Search Your Options

Did you find the first offer to be less than satisfactory? That is okay, there are more options to scroll and search for your preference. Maybe you want to repay the loan quicker or push it out for smaller payments. Whatever works for you, you have the ability to customize these terms with the majority of the small personal loans lenders found offering services online.

Get Cash

After you have been approved for the loan of your choice, securely upload your bank information to have your cash direct deposited into your account the following business day. Much quicker than depositing a check from a lender and waiting for it to clear, you can have your cash available the next day, preventing you from waiting like traditional options.

Make Payments

Is it time to make a payment? No worries. Just log back into the lenders online portal to quickly and easily make a payment. You can even have your payments drafted monthly for your convenience, keeping you from having to maintain the payment obligation. Do you want to pay your loan back early? Awesome! You can log in also and choose to pay the loan back in full just like you were making a payment.

Small Personal Loans from Online Lenders Over $1000

For the larger amounts associated with small personal loans such as $1000 – $5000, you can expect to have a larger lender option available online. Just like the smaller personal loans under $1000, you can expect a similar process to apply for a loan.

  • Pre-approval
  • Search Options
  • Apply
  • Get Cash Tomorrow


Using a free online lender search service provides you the opportunity to submit a single free application that gives you a pre-approval from numerous online lenders based upon the information provided. You will not only be presented with various loan amounts, but also interest rates and terms.

Search Options

Once you have submitted your pre-approval, you will be presented with a variety of options. Take your time to seek out the best loan option for your personal financial situation. Look to borrow only what you need and nothing further. You should have a ballpark idea of payments that you can afford. And make sure to only entertain offers that fall in that range.


Once you have landed on the offer that is best suited for your needs and personal budget, make sure to submit your application in full. This lender will pull a hard inquiry on your credit report. And may seek out to confirm your income that is posted. If you are seeking lower interest rates, you may be offered a secured loan that will require collateral to be posted. If collateral is required, you can use anything from a personal vehicle to various types of electronics as collateral uses.

Get Cash Tomorrow

Once you have been approved for your loan, you can expect your cash as soon as the next day. If you need to confirm your income or upload any additional documentation, the delay will be minimal and you can expect your cash shortly after. Just provide your deposit information to the lender and they will have your cash deposited directly to your account.

How long does it take to get a small personal loan?

The entire process of getting a small loan can be as quick as 24 hours from the time you apply to the time of receiving your cash. Of course, you do not have to confirm a loan that quick if you have a little bit of time. Most pre-approvals and loan approvals are valid for a minimum of 72 hours or 3 days. There are some avenues to get a small cash loans as soon as tomorrow, but it will vary by lender.

The pre-approval stage of getting small personal loans takes only as long as recording key information about yourself for the free lender finder service to upload and begin preparing your options. Once your options have been pre-approved, you can confirm the loan option you choose to apply for right away or take some time to thoroughly shop around. Most of the small personal loans options will be similar in amount and terms, but the interest rates will vary. Most of these pre-approvals are valid for a minimum of 24 hours.

If you used several hours or nearly a day to review the loan options, you can continue to the application. This process can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the required information. Once the information is inputted, the lender will take several minutes to determine your approval for the small personal loan.

Once you have been approved…

You can expect your cash in the bank the next business day if your loan is approved prior to 5 pm. If your loan is processed after that time, it may be an additional business day for the funds to be deposited into your account. Even at this rate, you can receive your money much faster than if you received a check from a local lender or bank.

How can I get a small personal loan with bad credit?

How to get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit: Loan Shopping 101

Even those of us with bad credit can qualify for small personal loans. Unfortunately, our options are limited to small personal installment loans that are considered small cash loans with bad credit or through online creditors. Traditional banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions that have a fair credit score requirement will not even consider an application from someone suffering from a bad credit score. This leaves the options to either obtaining small cash loans online or by borrowing money from a friend. Because of your unpopular credit history, a friend or family member may also be hesitant to lend money.

If our credit score falls at or below the 550 thresholds, we can expect to be approved at the $1000 or less amount, with some of the highest interest rates on the market. These lenders are taking a risk on some of the largest risks when they approve loans to debtors with bad credit. However, because they are offering high-interest rates, they are not at all what they once were thanks to regulations enforced to prevent impossible rates and healthy competition that keep these high-interest rates “low” and competitive for the average bad credit score debtor.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Small Personal Loans

If you want to improve your chances of getting small personal loans for future needs, you have several options to help improve your credit score and your chances of getting small personal loans.

  • Eliminate outstanding debt
  • Apply and get what you need
  • Shop for loan options for free
  • Consider a Co-Signer

Eliminate Outstanding Debt

If you currently have outstanding debt reflected on your credit report, find ways to eliminate this debt. When you pay off this debt, you improve your debt-to-income ratio, which maximizes your credit availability and improving your chance for a personal loan. For example, if you need a personal loan for a vacation to trek across Europe for two weeks, you should probably eliminate all of your credit card debt before applying for a personal loan.

Apply and get what you need

Determine how much money you need for your obligations and apply for only that much money. If you apply for and receive a larger loan than originally expected, you may find yourself overextended in debt. Stick to the budget that you planned prior to applying for the loan.

Shop for loan options for free

If you want to seek out your loan options, do so for free with an online lender finder service. These services will take only certain information in a pre-approval loan application, and pair you with loan options from a variety of lenders. At that point, you are able to thoroughly review potential lenders all at no cost and without a hard inquiry to your credit report.

Consider a Co-Signer

If your credit score does not allow you to apply for a loan amount that you need, you may need to consider a co-signer loan. This person should be someone with a good credit score. And who is willing to be responsible for your debt in conjunction with you. A good rule of thumb when considering a co-signer is to consider someone that you would be comfortable borrowing money from because of their good credit and steady income.

Final Thoughts

When considering applying for small personal loans, it is important to consider the different options of lenders available. When seeking out your options for small personal loans, you should always consider a free lender finder service tool to provide you with competing options no matter your credit score or loan amount. This allows you to determine the options you have personally. And what the best place to get a personal loan is for you.


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