Money Tips from Rush Lyrics for the Working Man

Rush Songs About Money

Many people would argue that Canadian rock hit its peak when the most popular lineup of Rush came together to play music as tight as few bands in history have done- Geddy Lee, Neal Peart and Alex Lifeson. Some have said this is the hardest working rock band ever! I would agree. A living example of the Working Man. Just take a second to think about the difficulty of playing the song 2112, which goes on for 20 minutes and 33 seconds. A good look at the bands dedication is on clear display in the recent-epic documentary called ‘Time Stand Still’. The band touched on many topics during its decades long history, and Money was an essential component in the repertoire. Let’s take a look at some of the most insightful money tips from Rush lyrics.

1. Free Will Rush Lyrics

Lyric: The cards were stacked against them/They weren’t born in Lotus-Land

The premise: Free will, in Rush’s opinion, is all about dealing with reality in the best way possible.

Choice is the spice of life. Those with more choice experience more of life’s good side. Those who have less choice are left, as Rush says, to slowly realize that reality will never coincide with the dreams from Hollywood and most popular music. Fortunately, we all have the free will today to choose Wealth and financial surety. These things come from financial literacy and investing in the proper channels. Rush tells us indirectly that our free will is tied to our Net Worth and ability to get better rates when we loan shop, so we should take it seriously.

2. The Big Money Lyrics

Lyric: Big money goes around the world

The premise: The song “Big Money” is about how money rules the world, but there is real advice to take from the story presented here.

If you want your money to multiply, then it needs to go around the world in the form of investments. When you invest, you are empowering qualified recipients of funds to build a business. A diversified portfolio means that your money is reaching into many companies around the world. Even if you do not have big money and maybe even need help paying rent, you can certainly make yours bigger with this strategy.
Pink Floyd Songs About Money

3. Working Man Lyrics

Lyric: I could live my life/A lot better than I think I am

The premise: The working man in this song is bemoaning his fate on the hamster wheel of life, but he sees no way out.

Personal Loan Shopping

The purpose of most jobs is to be a J.O.B. – a budget that is meant to keep you “just over broke.” In order to grow your money, you must eventually come out of the world of the J.O.B. At best, a job should be the initial fuel that you use to fund your net worth growth efforts and a better credit score. This is how you get ahead and no longer have to live on cash advance loans online going from paycheck to paycheck just like the working man.

There is nothing wrong with work ethic. It’s just when you lose site of the purpose. In other words, the working man shouldn’t get so busy chasing a dream or the 9 to 5 schedule that they forget to live.
Rush Working Man Lyrics

4. Something for Nothing Lyrics

Lyric: You don’t get freedom for free

The premise: This song details the quid pro quo standard of the world that seems to permeate through generations.

If you want to do things or get things done in this world, you must have stable personal finances and money to spend. In this song, Rush tells us indirectly that money does more than buy consumer goods. It actually helps you express your human autonomy. For this reason, financial stability must become a priority in your life.

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I don’t listen to Rush everyday, but when I do I make sure to play it loud so the entire neighborhood can hear!

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10 Ultimate Money Tips to Save on Travel

Many people dream about traveling to far-off locations. Yet they are stopped dead by the costs. When tallying expenses for travel, hotel stays, food prices and recreational activities, the price tag can max out credit cards or make a person go over their travel budgets. However, there are ways to save money on travel without going broke. Here are 10 ways to save money on travel to keep finances manageable.

1: Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

People can save several hundred to several thousand dollars by going during a time of year when there are fewer vacationers. Off seasons will vary by location. Typically, late fall, winter and early spring before spring break will keep families homebound. Be careful around the holidays, as prices can soar tremendously during those times.

2: Create a Travel Budget

It doesn’t sound like a glamorous task. Yet people often find themselves saving more money by creating a travel budget on what they plan to spend each day. Just a rough estimate can keep spending splurges in check. It also helps when trying to figure out how much money to take along or if absolutely needed one could consider vacation loans.

How to Get A Travel Loan

3: Take Public Transportation

Public transportation provides more cost-savings than renting a vehicle or taking a ride-sharing car to different locations or airports. The only downside is that public transportation moves on a fixed route. Get around this issue by planning out what places to visit and how they correspond to public transportation stops. Then develop a smart route where that doesn’t involve crisscrossing and racing around the city.

4: Eat Local Fare

Big name restaurants and tourist traps price their food higher due to vacationers. Save money by following the locals to their chosen dining spots. A person will get fairer prices, large portion sizes, and become further immersed in local traditions and customs. Enjoy the local delicacies without all the fanfare and vacation crowds. There are other ways to save money on food while traveling and food is often one of the biggest expenses especially if you like to eat out.

The Best Way to Save Money on Food When Traveling

5: Fly Smarter

Air travel can take a huge chunk out of personal installment loans or a credit card. The differences in prices are staggering between airline competition, destination, the number of checked bags, and flight times. These fast tips can help keep air travel costs down:

  • With checked bag prices going up, whittle down essentials to two smaller carry-on bags
  • Play around with flight dates and times to find lower prices
  • Use reward and travel credit cards to earn free flights
  • Become a member of frequent flyer programs

6: Go on Free Tours

Free tours allow travelers to learn more in-depth information about certain sights in their vacation destination. While some people love to go off the beaten track and be on their own away from the tour group, the free tour provides glimpses of things that a person may miss. Also, if there is somewhere that a traveler wants to spend more time seeing, they can always go back on their own later.

7: Couch Surf

For those people brave enough to stay with strangers and who have a limited travel finance budget, couch surfing becomes a great option. This option is usually ideal for single travelers and couples without kids. Also, many kind hosts will offer dining tips and talk about places where a traveler can have a fun time.

8: Get Involved with Cashback Programs

Even if a person is taking out a travel loan to pay for most of the trip, don’t forget to take a few credit cards along that offer cashback savings. When shopping and dining, earn reward points and get point-of-sale savings based on the card that is used and the place of purchase.

9: Stay Longer if Possible

Travelers pay higher prices when staying a single night than if they stay for several days. Check out the hotel prices to see how much savings a traveler can get when making midweek travel plans, staying on Sundays, and for per night stays. A person may also be able to extend their vacation loan finances through an airport hotel.

10: Do Free Activities

Free activities can perfectly fit into your travel finance budget. Go hiking or biking or camp at a free state park. Plan vacations around times when there will be street fairs and festivals where there will be free outdoor plays, music festivals, and other entertainment.


Traveling to other destinations can be hard for many people’s means. But nothing is impossible if you know how to save money on travel. Additionally, you can always consider a personal loan for travel. Combined with these tips for saving, you’ll have an amazing time on your next journey. If you’re interested in getting a loan for travel, check out the offer of our trusted partner Fiona, insert your information and you may get offers that suit your needs best:


Money Tips from Beatles Lyrics

Money Tips From Beatles Lyrics

As one of the most insightful bands in pop music history, the Beatles certainly had some thoughtful things to say about money and personal finance! If you dig deeply into the lyrics of some of your favorite songs, you will find some real gems that you can use in your everyday life. Let’s take a look.

1. Song Title: “You Never Give Me Your Money”

Lyric: I only give you my situation

The premise: The writer laments the fact that he cannot get money from his loved ones.

However, the song also goes into detail about how the writer does not give his loved ones any attention outside of wanting money from them. Does this seem like the right way to treat people? If you want to create a good financial structure, then you need a good social structure as well. Your financial health depends on how you treat people, especially the professionals who can help you with your money and the personal friends who can help you out of a financial hole.

2. Song Title: “Tax Man”

Lyric: Be thankful I don’t take it all

The premise: The Beatles write a poignant song about paying taxes.

The more you earn, the more you owe – unless you have the right plan in place. Regardless of how you make your income, you must always remember that the taxman is waiting with his hand out to take a substantial percentage of the money that you bring in. In order to lower his share, you need to have a plan in place. You must keep meticulous records, and you need to protection of a banker, accountant and lawyer who are all on the same page. If you are starting a small business, this will be your most important business continuity expense.

3. Song Title: “Eight Days a Week”

Lyric: Ain’t got nothin’ but love babe, eight days a week

The premise: A man repeats his love to a woman, telling her over and over that he has nothing but love, but he has it eight days a week.

He’d better repeat himself over and over, because he needs to distract her from the fact that he can’t pay any bills! Part of your love for loved ones is making sure they are financially sound, even if you are gone. Life insurance, a good credit score and a high net worth say more about your love than trying to extend the week to fill your lover’s heart with distractions!

4. Song Title: “With a Little Help From My Friends”

Lyric: Oh, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends

The premise: Having friends allows the man in the song to have love, companionship, fun and opportunity.

This song is all about “knowing the right person.” Creating good finances in your life is all about knowing the right person as well. You need to have the right financial advisors, accountants, lawyers and personal-finance bankers. This becomes even more true as you earn more money later in life. You may even find yourself in an emergency and need help paying rent. Friends can offer you emergency cash loans, but that’s what you call a lot of help from a friend. Yes, you have to earn money by yourself, but keeping it is a team sport!

You can find endless popular songs about money. Some talk about struggles starting a loving relationship and start with looking into wedding finance options and end taking loans for wedding expenses. Other popular songs about money talk about  ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’. I wouldn’t take financial advice from many of these stars, but money advice does come free from some bands that have your best interest. Songs can lead to understand the cautions of quick cash loans or when it might be a time to find out how to get help paying for a lawyer. We always advise to look at the risk of financing anything. Using cash loans online may help solve a needs today, more often than not it leads to stress. You not only have to pay off emergency cash loans, but short term loans lenders have various interest they charge.

Beatles Money Tips


Thanksgiving. How to Save Money!

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and saving money is always a great reason to thank your lucky stars. Here are a few of the best ways to ensure you save money this November while missing out on none of the beautiful festivities.

Thanksgiving Potluck

If you know people are coming, give them the opportunity to really participate in the celebration. You probably have people in your family who love cooking, so give them the opportunity. This year, Thanksgiving is a potluck with everyone pitching in!

Virtual Holidaying

You do not have to fly everyone into town if you are short on cash. With completely free video calling apps, you can share the celebration with friends and family over the Internet!

Book Early

If you must see friends and family in person, book your flight in the months before November. It’s that simple! You may be able to save money flying during November if you are flexible with flights. Thanksgiving is actually super cheap, so if you can catch a same day deal, that may be the way to go.

Homemade Decor

Put the kids to work just like you do on Halloween! Who says that you have to spend money on expensive decor when you have arts and crafts left over from October? Your table decorations can be great projects for family togetherness.

Buy Seasonal Foods

Winter squash, yams, collard green, and of course, pumpkins, are in season during November. They will cost less during this time. You can check out a comprehensive list from the US Department of Agriculture right here.

Saving money on your holiday means you have more money to save, but saving is just step one. Make sure you have somewhere to put that savings with a financial plan with a seasoned professional.

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Money Tips from Grateful Dead Lyrics

It may seem a bit ironic to take wealth advice from one of the most anti-establishment bands in history, but the lyrics of the Grateful Dead have some hidden gems in them about personal finance. Let’s take a look at what Jerry and the gang are really trying to tell us underneath all of that psychedelic flair.

1. Song Title: “Money Money”

Lyric: My baby gives me the finance blues

The Premise: “Money Money” is written from the perspective of a romantic relationship that is built on money instead of love.

This Grateful Dead song is more about a shallow relationship than it is about money. Which should tell you everything that you need to know. The first step to a stable financial situation is to protect your money from some of those so-called lovers and friends! The journey like the music may take you down the yellow brick road. But Oz still waits in the Emerald city. “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” comes to mind.

2. Song Title: “Deal”

Lyric: Watch each card you play and play it slow

The Premise: This song is sage advice to a friend to slow down on a card game, but it could be extrapolated to just about any situation involving a serious decision.

Money isn’t really money until it starts to make money for you. Many people misinterpret this tenant of money as an excuse to gamble – not just at the casino, but also in other areas like the stock market or over estimating the value of real estate. Gambling in the stock market and investing are two different things! Investments that make money are educated guesses that take a while to pay off. Do your research and take it slow.

3. Song Title: “Franklin’s Tower”

Lyric: If you plant ice you’re gonna harvest wind

The Premise: The songwriter sings about a bell that children ring to find their way home, but it may stop working at any time.

Move too far away from the basic tenants of good money management, and you may not be able to find your way home. Just like in Franklin’s Tower, warnings come before a fall. If you ignore them when it comes to money, there may come a time when the ring of Franklin’s bell may be too far away to bring you back.

4. Song Title: “Ramble on Rose”

Lyric: The grass ain’t greener, the wine ain’t sweeter, either side of the hill

The Premise: Everyone is trying to get away from their problems. But the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the hill.

Money does not solve problems – it actually creates them! You should not look into making more money because you believe that it will give you a better life in and of itself. There is no such thing as escaping problems, so never trade making money for having a great experience in life. Don’t budget life!

The immortal lyrics of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead live on well beyond their original recordings and even their original meanings. However, there is a reason that certain songs live on. We are meant to take their advice no matter when we hear them.

If you want more $.02 about money from famous lyrics, check out our blog about Pink Floyd’s song “Money” or if it’s more your vibe then read up on Drake’s songs about money. It’s also fun knowing how much a block buster hit like “A Star is Born” has earned to date.


Money. Pink Floyd and You.

We all know Pink Floyd as a quintessential chill out band, but they actually did make a song about money. It was meant to be ironic, of course (double ironic because Pink Floyd is obviously rich), but it actually contains some great advice about finances. Sometimes the best people to ask about money are the folks who don’t necessarily care about it as much. They tend to have a better perspective, because they are able to detach emotions from the pursuit. Let’s take a look.

Lyric: Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay

This lyric is quite telling of the times that Pink Floyd came up in. The first association that the band makes with money is about employment – working for someone else for a paycheck. During those times, you could definitely make a decent living as a blue collar worker. Houses were available on one income, and Social Security was not in danger of being upended.

However, the entire song was made as a critique of money. So what was Pink Floyd really saying? Reading forward in the lyrics, you begin to understand that the band was ahead of its time. Trading hours for cash today is not the right way to spend life. In his own way, Roger Waters was telling us to invest in other things – make life and money work for us, not the other way around.

Lyric: Think I’ll buy me a football team

One opinion of the song is that it is sung from the perspective of a person who just obtained new employment. The thought of that first check dancing through his head starts over the top daydreaming, hence the line about the football team. You can’t buy a football team on an employee’s salary, obviously, but a new check certainly makes you feel like you can.

The shrewd songwriting here points to the fact that money doesn’t stretch as far as you think it does. Ergo, it is not as important as you think it is. Money is not the end – it is meant to serve as a tool to obtain the things that really matter in life. Again, a good financial investment plan is key.

Lyric: Don’t give me that do goody good bull****

Pink Floyd latches onto the stereotype that people with money cannot do good and brings it to the forefront. Following the flow of the song, the voice that is saying “don’t give me that do goody good bull****” is likely participating in a delusion. What is the delusion?

An employee’s salary hardly gives anyone the leverage to forego doing good to one’s fellow man. That kind of behavior will only get you ostracized from community and possibly fired from that awesome, high powered job you just earned. In the ironic tone of the song, Pink Floyd is really telling us to do good with our money. Investment in our communities always comes back to us in spades.

Lyric: Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie

The voice in the song does not want anyone taking any of his money, and with good reason. Only a penny saved is a penny earned. This is actually good advice, but it does not have to be so hardcore in order to work!

A good financial plan helps your money make money for you. This means that when you “share your money fairly,” you aren’t actually losing anything. Who said that giving has to be a sacrifice? If your financial plan is actually making you a profit, then you can give freely without worrying about anyone taking “a slice of my pie!”

Lyric: But if you ask for a raise it’s no surprise that they’re giving none away, away, away

No one gives money away – this is definitely a true statement! This is yet another reason that you must get your money working for you as soon as possible. There is no such thing as having a “stable” financial situation – you must always move forward. Staying still means that you are losing ground – inflation and daily costs of living will always chip away at stagnant money.

This lyric is also poignant in that it points out that no one is going to give you anything. You should look to yourself for financial security, not banks, family or government. Pink Floyd definitely hit the nail on the head with this closing line, so pay attention!

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