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Tag: Money Tips

Tag: Money Tips

Rush Songs About Money

Money Tips from Rush Lyrics for the Working Man

Many people would argue that Canadian rock hit its peak when the most popular lineup of Rush came together to play music as tight as few bands in history have done- Geddy Lee, Neal Peart and Alex Lifeson. Some have said this is the hardest working rock band ever! I would agree. A living example ...
Save Money On Travel

10 Ultimate Money Tips to Save on Travel

 Many people dream about traveling to far-off locations. Yet they are stopped dead by the costs. When tallying expenses for travel, hotel stays, food prices and recreational activities, the price tag can max out credit cards or make a person go over their travel budgets. However, there are ways to save money on travel ...
Money Tips From Beatles Lyrics

Money Tips from Beatles Lyrics

As one of the most insightful bands in pop music history, the Beatles certainly had some thoughtful things to say about money and personal finance! If you dig deeply into the lyrics of some of your favorite songs, you will find some real gems that you can use in your everyday life. Let’s take a ...

Thanksgiving. How to Save Money!

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and saving money is always a great reason to thank your lucky stars. Here are a few of the best ways to ensure you save money this November while missing out on none of the beautiful festivities. Thanksgiving Potluck If you know people are coming, give them the ...
Grateful Dead Money Money

Money Tips from Grateful Dead Lyrics

It may seem a bit ironic to take wealth advice from one of the most anti-establishment bands in history, but the lyrics of the Grateful Dead have some hidden gems in them about personal finance. Let’s take a look at what Jerry and the gang are really trying to tell us underneath all of that ...
Pink Floyd Songs About Money

Money. Pink Floyd and You.

We all know Pink Floyd as a quintessential chill out band, but they actually did make a song about money. It was meant to be ironic, of course (double ironic because Pink Floyd is obviously rich), but it actually contains some great advice about finances. Sometimes the best people to ask about money are the ...