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Theresa Hammond

Author: Theresa Hammond

Theresa Hammond is a single parent who learned the basics of personal finance the hard way. She now spends her days researching and writing about financial tips and tricks that are relevant to everyday people. She’s also raising two children who have more financial sense than she had before the age of 21. Her writing extends from personal finance to health, wellness, and even a bit of fiction.

Stack of traveling luggage in airport terminal and passenger plane flying over sky

Best Airline Credit Cards to Get You Off the Ground

Are you ready to explore the world? Whether you travel frequently for business or always look forward to your next vacation, airline credit cards are the great choice for saving on airline miles and other travel expenses is essential. You want to spend less on transportation and hotels so that you can spend more on ...
Couple and the dealer selling cars look the car in the showroom.

The Best Places to Shop for a Car Loan

It’s time to shop for a car loan, but how do you make sure you get the best deal? If you have bad credit or limited income, you may wonder if any lender will even consider your application without laughing you out of the dealership. For starters, the secret is not to limit yourself to ...