Money Tips from Grateful Dead Lyrics

It may seem a bit ironic to take wealth advice from one of the most anti-establishment bands in history, but the lyrics of the Grateful Dead have some hidden gems in them about personal finance. Let’s take a look at what Jerry and the gang are really trying to tell us underneath all of that psychedelic flair.

1. Song Title: “Money Money”

Lyric: My baby gives me the finance blues

The Premise: “Money Money” is written from the perspective of a romantic relationship that is built on money instead of love.

This Grateful Dead song is more about a shallow relationship than it is about money. Which should tell you everything that you need to know. The first step to a stable financial situation is to protect your money from some of those so-called lovers and friends! The journey like the music may take you down the yellow brick road. But Oz still waits in the Emerald city. “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” comes to mind.

2. Song Title: “Deal”

Lyric: Watch each card you play and play it slow

The Premise: This song is sage advice to a friend to slow down on a card game, but it could be extrapolated to just about any situation involving a serious decision.

Money isn’t really money until it starts to make money for you. Many people misinterpret this tenant of money as an excuse to gamble – not just at the casino, but also in other areas like the stock market or over estimating the value of real estate. Gambling in the stock market and investing are two different things! Investments that make money are educated guesses that take a while to pay off. Do your research and take it slow.

3. Song Title: “Franklin’s Tower”

Lyric: If you plant ice you’re gonna harvest wind

The Premise: The songwriter sings about a bell that children ring to find their way home, but it may stop working at any time.

Move too far away from the basic tenants of good money management, and you may not be able to find your way home. Just like in Franklin’s Tower, warnings come before a fall. If you ignore them when it comes to money, there may come a time when the ring of Franklin’s bell may be too far away to bring you back.

4. Song Title: “Ramble on Rose”

Lyric: The grass ain’t greener, the wine ain’t sweeter, either side of the hill

The Premise: Everyone is trying to get away from their problems. But the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the hill.

Money does not solve problems – it actually creates them! You should not look into making more money because you believe that it will give you a better life in and of itself. There is no such thing as escaping problems, so never trade making money for having a great experience in life. Don’t budget life!

The immortal lyrics of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead live on well beyond their original recordings and even their original meanings. However, there is a reason that certain songs live on. We are meant to take their advice no matter when we hear them.

If you want more $.02 about money from famous lyrics, check out our blog about Pink Floyd’s song “Money” or if it’s more your vibe then read up on Drake’s songs about money. It’s also fun knowing how much a block buster hit like “A Star is Born” has earned to date.


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