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William Vinson

Author: William Vinson

William Vinson has been a professional writer for more than 35 years. He is also a seasoned financial professional and raised significant capital for the startup of over 30 companies. He has expertise in real estate, insurance, financial planning, and investment management. He wrote thousands of articles for publication on major websites. All of his earnings from writing are used to support the charitable efforts of the Willivision Foundation that helps the elderly and does animal rescue.

Asian business lawyer woman working with computer laptop in legal office.

How Much Do Lawyers Make Based on Type of Practice?

If you are an average, middle-class person, thinking about becoming a lawyer, be prepared to study hard, go longer to school (a four-year university and then a two-year law school), go deeply into debt, have to pass a difficult Bar Exam to get a license, and hear bad lawyer jokes for the rest of your ...
Student holding a piggy bank

Student Loan Statistical Overview: By The Numbers

The total amount of student loan debt in 2020 is over $1.67 trillion according to the US debt clock. In terms of a student loan statistical overview, the total credit card debt is smaller at only $1.08 trillion. The most revealing thing about this part of our student loan statistical overview is that the average balance ...
Medical Financing Options for Any Reason

Medical Financing Options for Any Reason

Getting old and fat as well as losing clear eyesight, teeth, knees, hips, and whatever else that suddenly stop working due to age is not necessarily fun. I refuse to allow aging to let my body fall apart when there is advanced medical technology available. It is now possible to repair and replace any necessary ...

Loans to Travel the World: Jet Set Go

I love to travel. I made it one of my life’s goals to visit every country in the world at least once before I die. At last count, I visited over 150 countries so far. More than once, I bought an “around the world” air ticket that allowed me to fly in a big circle ...
Camper Financing to Help Get You Moving

Camper Financing to Help Get You Moving

Let’s go glamping! What’s glamping? Glamping is glamorous camping that is also known as luxury camping. There is no need for you to completely rough it anymore when enjoying a vacation in an outdoor location. Camper financing can help your dreams of this luxurious camping vacation come true. With glamping, it is possible to rent ...
Wedding Financing Loans

Wedding Financing Loans for the Big Day

If this is your first marriage, be prepared for some sticker shock. I know I was and I got married three times! I am twice divorced and lost one spouse to illness. Each time I got married, it seemed to cost more. Over the years, it just got harder to come up with the money ...
Top Reasons to Get A Personal Loan

The Top 11 Reasons to Get A Personal Loan

When I was thinking about all my top reasons to get a personal loan, I remembered of what my Great Aunt Irene. She was of modest means all of her life, and yet she had a great sense of humor. She laughed when she told me, “There always seems to be too much month left ...
How to Improve Your Credit Score Without Crying

How to Improve Your Credit Score Without Crying

You just got your credit report and you took a look at your credit score. If you are one of the lucky ones, it is good. For many, it is not so good. That’s OK, I know how it feels. You get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you should have ...