How Much Do Lawyers Make Based on Type of Practice?

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If you are an average, middle-class person, thinking about becoming a lawyer, be prepared to study hard, go longer to school (a four-year university and then a two-year law school), go deeply into debt, have to pass a difficult Bar Exam to get a license, and hear bad lawyer jokes for the rest of your life.

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The average student loan debt, reported by Education data, that a lawyer graduating from a law school has to pay back, is $160,000. The average for public schools is $120,400. And the average debt for going to a private school is $143,000.

For private, ivy-league schools, like Harvard, Stanford, or Yale, the cost more than doubles. At Harvard Law School, the cost of just tuition is $67,720 per year. Add another $36,830 per year for living expenses.

Attending Harvard, for four years as an undergraduate and then going for two years to Harvard Law School, costs around $375,000 in total, just for the tuition. It cost an additional $206,000 for the total living expenses for six years.

How Much Do Lawyers Make in Different Practice Areas?

Here are comparisons between the different practice areas in the legal profession.

Criminal Justice System

How much do lawyers make who work in the criminal justice system?

Working to defend rich people against criminal charges is more lucrative than being a public defender of the poor or a criminal prosecutor. Compared to other attorneys, criminal lawyers earn the lowest salaries of any type of lawyers. The average salary for a criminal lawyer is $61,500. Those who work for themselves can make a lot more.

Five States with the Highest Average Attorney at Law Salary
State Average Salary Hourly Rate
California $104,832 $50,40
Connecticut $87,765 $42.19
New York $85,953 $41.32
New Hampshire $82,754 $39.79
Massachusetts $81,361 $39.12

Public Defender or Prosecutor

How much do lawyers make who work as a public defender or prosecutor?

Chiron reports that the median starting salary for a public defender or prosecutor is $47,500. Then there is an increase to a median salary of $60,280 after five years of experience and $76,160 after ten years of experience. The only way to make more money is to use this public defender or prosecutor experience as a springboard to launch a career in politics.


is the Average Public Defender Salary in United States.


Criminal Defense

How much do lawyers make who work as a criminal defense attorney?

If you are the lawyer representing “El Chapo,” the drug kingpin of a Mexican cartel, you are going to make huge legal fees. The one problem you will face is that the U.S. government seizes all the assets of criminals that law enforcement finds. You may charge many millions in legal fees. However, you have to fight the U.S. government to get your fees paid. Unless you are willing to illegally accept suitcases of cash, in secret.

$78,898 - $106,207

is the Salary Range for a Criminal Defense Lawyer.


Famous criminal defense lawyers, with a long record of winning cases for rich clients, can make millions.

F. Lee Bailley and Johnnie Cochran

Examples of this are F. Lee Bailey or Johnnie Cochran (who defended OJ). In their heyday, both of these lawyers made huge amounts. These two lawyers were in private practice and each owned their separate law firms. They did not have the limitation of a salary paid to them by others. They charged what they could get away with charging. Clients paid millions to have their representation in some of the most sensational criminal trials of the past century.

Francis Lee Bailey Jr and O.J. Simpson.
Francis Lee Bailey Jr and O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted in 1995 of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Interestingly enough, F. Lee Bailey went to jail for not turning over millions of assets that his client, a drug trafficker, agreed to forfeit to the U.S. government. Bailey lost his ability to practice law, owes the IRS a fortune in back taxes, and now, in his eighties, has a net worth of only $50,000. Maybe taking secret suitcases of illegal cash is not such a good idea after all.

Johnnie Cochran fared better. After getting OJ off for a murder charge of killing his wife, with the famous saying “If the glove does not fit, you must acquit,” Cochran retired. He now has a net worth of around $8 million.

Johnnie Cochran showed us all, how criminal defense lawyers can get rich. F. Lee Bailey got rich and then lost it all, showing us a good example of what not to do.

Personal Injury Attorney

How much do lawyers make who work as personal injury attorneys?

Personal injury (P.I.) attorneys usually take cases on a contingency basis. Their clients do not pay them anything until the lawyer wins the case or it settles. This means that the lawyers earn a percentage of the settlement or the judgment awarded by the court. This fee ranges from 33% to 50% of the proceeds from the case, plus any legal expenses incurred.

P.I. attorneys are the kind of lawyers that do the most advertising on television, social media, and billboards. Some create a kind of factory to churn out lawsuits. The average salary, if you work for them as an attorney, is $73,000. Large firms pay salaries from $81,000 to $164,000 per year. They can amass a fortune for the law firm’s owners.

Product Liability and Class Action Litigation

How much do lawyers make who specialize in class action litigation?

When you hear in the news about a multi-billion-dollars settlement or judgment award, you can bet that the lawyers in the case on both sides made a fortune in the many millions. The larger the amount of the award or settlement the more money the lawyers received.

It is rare for an attorney who is a solo practitioner running his or her legal firm, to take on a major class-action lawsuit and win. Large corporations have an army of attorneys that will bury any challenger who dares to sue their corporate client in mountains of legal paperwork.

It takes a team of lawyers to bring a class action lawsuit to a conclusion that pays them. If they are on the plaintiff’s side, they may have to finance all the costs of the case themselves if their clients cannot fund the case expenses. The attorneys may lose everything they invest in the case if they fail to force a settlement or win a judgment award in the court.

If the case has to go to trial, the trial attorneys who are experts in court proceedings get, on average, $101,086 per year. Legal specialists in medical lawsuits for malpractice cases are paid the most. They earn, on average, $150,991 for their annual salary.

The Largest Class Action Lawsuit

The largest win on record as of March 2020, is the class action lawsuit where a cumulative group of tobaccos settlements totaled $206 billion. Attorney Generals from 46 states participated in that settlement. The private law firms that made billions in legal fees from this, were the firms that defended the tobacco companies and lost. Two of the four companies are Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds. They all are still in business.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisition Attorneys

How much do lawyers make who work as a mergers and acquisition specialist?

Working as an attorney that specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A deals), can be very lucrative if you earn a salary plus a bonus for deals that close. The salary may be modest, with the average corporate attorney earning $98,822 per year. Let’s assume that you specialize in taxes, your average salary rises to $99,690. If your expertise is in intellectual property (IP), the average salary rises to $140,972 per year.

If the M&A deal is a large one, it can run into multiple billions. The lead law firm on the deal will usually capture many millions in bonus fees for successfully navigating the political landscape, the legal compliance issues, and managing the stockholders’ issues, and all the other stakeholders in the deal. The lead attorneys on the deal, who are normally the major partners in a huge law firm, usually participate in the pool of bonus funds. This may be worth millions for each attorney who qualifies for a bonus.

How Much do Lawyers Make Who Work in Other Fields?

Here are some other categories of lawyers and the average salary showing how much do lawyers make:

  • Patent Attorney — $92,720 per year
  • Immigration Attorney — $77,224 per year
  • Family Law Attorney — $74,324 per year
  • Environmental Attorney — $64,708 per year
  • Local Prosecuting Attorneys — $56,200 per year
  • Public-Interest Organization’s Attorney — $50,300 per year
How Much Do Lawyers Make Monthly

Divorce Attorneys

How much do lawyers make who work as divorce attorneys?

Divorce attorneys who work for celebrities and the super-wealthy can score big bucks for the legal fees from a divorce case. This is especially true when there is a dispute over child custody.

$83,151 /year

is the average divorce attorney salary in US.


Here is an example of a huge case settlement, where the divorce attorneys on both sides made enormous fees:

Paul McCartney Divorce of Heather Mills

Reuters reported that the case settled on March 17, 2008, was the equivalent of $48.7 million to Mills. The estimated total legal fees for the case were over $5 million. Mills had only been married to McCartney for four years when they divorced. McCartney had the last laugh. He is still rich and Mills squandered her divorce settlement in less than two years after receiving it.

Mills is still looking for the new “Mr. Rich,” I mean, “Mr. Right.” She once claimed that every man she met proposed to her within the first ten days after meeting her. She met Paul McCartney the day after his previous wife Linda died from cancer. I am not saying she did anything shady, she probably is a nice lady; however, McCartney’s attorneys should have gotten Mills to sign a prenuptial agreement before their marriage.

The song Gold Digger by Kayne West with Jamie Foxx keeps playing in my mind.

The Gold Digger lyrics are:

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Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed.

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Now, that song is stuck in your head, too.

Working for a Company or Law Firm and Earning a Salary

The median base salaries for the highest-paying jobs in the USA, as reported by Knowinsiders, put corporate attorneys in thirty-eight place on the top-100 list.

Here is the top-ten list of highest-paid American professional jobs during 2021/2022.

10 Highest paid jobs in America for 2021/2022
Job/Career Average Annual Salary
1. Anesthesiologists $271,440
2. Surgeons $251,650
3. Obstetricians-Gynecologists $239,120
4. Orthodontists $237,990
5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons $234,990
6. Physicians (Other)* $218,850
7. Psychiatrists $217,100
8. Prosthodontists $214,870
9. Family Medicine Physicians $214,370
10. Internal Medicine Physicians $210,960
38. Corporate Counsel $109,691

Your Expenses as a Corporate Counsel With a Nice House and a Student Loan Debt

Imagine you are corporate counsel and make the median base pay of $109,691 and your employer covers your health care insurance costs. After taxes, you will have about $80,350 in disposable income. If you stretch out the student loan debt to pay it off over 30 years, your monthly payment will be $3,177, which equals $38,124 to pay each year. That leaves you with $42,226.

You buy a median-priced home for $226, 800 with a low-down-payment loan of 5% down for a first-time homebuyer. And you borrow the down payment from your parents. You tell them, you will pay them back “someday.” They know you will not. They consider it a gift. However, if they get old and need care they will ask you to help and remind you of this “gift” for the rest of your life.

After you pay the closing costs of $5,000 for the home loan and after the 5% down payment, you still owe $220,460. Current mortgage rates are 4.18% APR (March 2020). This means your mortgage payment is $1,451 including property tax and PMI. You will pay $17,412 in total for house payment for a year. That leaves you with $24,814 left from your disposable income.

You will have about $2,000 per month to pay for auto payments, insurance, gasoline, utilizes, food, and other living expenses. This is doable if you manage your budget carefully. You just have to do this for the next 30 years until 2050!

Payback Terms

It is common for lawyers, graduating from the country’s top law schools, to owe over one-half-million dollars in student loan debt. To pay this off in ten years, for a $500,000 student loan with 5.28% annual interest (current rate in January 2022), the monthly payment will be $5,371. After you finish paying the loan, you will have repaid the $500,000 borrowed plus $144,636 in interest.

If you extend the payback term to 30 years with the same 5.28% interest rate, your monthly payment will be $2,770. After paying off the loan, you will have paid $497,313 in interest. This amount of interest paid is almost equal to the original loan amount of $500,000!

To put this in perspective, the median price of a home in America reported by Zillow in January 2022 was $325,677. You can buy a home or go to school to become be a lawyer; however, unless you get the top pay for being a lawyer, it may be difficult to do both.

Important Factors to Make This Come True

The success of this analysis depends on you landing a well-paying position as corporate counsel and living in an area where the houses sell for the national median price or less. A senior-level corporate counsel is not a position given to someone fresh out of law school. You will have to work your way up to that and your starting pay might be around $98,822 per year.

At the lower salary, you will not have enough remaining, after paying income taxes, to afford to buy a house. You will have to rent an apartment until you receive a significant salary increase. However, some areas of law pay well, especially if you can establish yourself in private practice and build up a quality client base.

Get the Money!

How much do lawyers make depends on how effective they are. An interesting way that lawyers may assist their clients who have a good case, but cannot afford a legal retainer and the legal fees, is to help them find attorney loans. A client takes a loan to pay the fees so the case may move ahead. Lawyers need to be sure to explain to their clients that they can lose their money because nothing is 100% certain in the legal arena.

Lawyer’s loans are available for any type of legal need. These are usually personal loans, which have no restrictions on the lawyer’s client regarding the use of the funds. An example where a loan for legal expenses may be helpful is in a divorce case. If the court imposes a freeze on assets because a dispute exists over their allocations, these loan funds can fill the gap. For anyone going through a divorce, this is good to know about.

When a lawyer’s client cannot get access to their funds to pay legal and other case expenses, a loan for a legal case allows the case to proceed unimpeded. If you find yourself in this situation (hopefully you won’t but…), Loanry can help you find a credible lender quickly and get the loan you need.


A lawyer working for a salary will max out at around $150,000 per year when working for a law firm unless he or she participates in a bonus pool.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that salaried jobs for lawyers will grow 6% per year until 2028. More people are graduating from law schools than there are jobs at law firms. A new lawyer may have to start on his or her own and be broke for quite a while after getting out of law school until a legal practice becomes viable.


How Can I Find Law Firm Loans?

If you have not needed a lawyer, yet, consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are many situations where you may need legal advice. You may find yourself in that position someday. When you find yourself in a position for legal help, it is probably not in a great situation. There are some good instances where you may need a lawyer. Obtaining a lawyer does not have to be a bad thing. Regardless of the reason, you will soon find out they are expensive. Before you begin to worry, continue reading to find out more about lawyer’s fees, how to pay them, including information on law firm loans.

How Do I Pay a Lawyer?

If you need a lawyer, it is important to understand how you pay for one. If you have never had an interaction with a lawyer, this information is going to be new to you. That is ok. This article provides you with some necessary information. Typically, a lawyer charges you a retainer. This is a preset fee that the lawyer charges upfront. It is a set fee that the lawyer charges everyone. And it is intended to cover the time your lawyer spends on your case. It covers a certain number of hours of work. When you discuss the retainer, the lawyer should explain how many hours it will cover. If you need only a small amount of consultation, the retainer may be enough to cover the services.

If you need extensive legal help, including court appearances, the retainer most likely will not cover all of it. After the retainer has been used, the lawyer begins charging an hourly rate. The lawyer should discuss this rate with you before you sign any documents. These hourly rates and any additional fees add up quickly. You may need to consider law firm loans. Another option is to ask if your lawyer works on a contingency.

This is valid only in the instance of you suing someone and expecting some type of settlement. When a lawyer works on contingency, all of the legal fees are taken from any money you are awarded as part of your settlement. Your lawyer may consider charging a flat fee. If you have a typical case, your lawyer most likely has a good idea of the time it takes and may charge you a flat rate instead of an hourly one.

How Much Are Legal Fees?

To give you an idea of just how expensive, I am going to give you some examples of possible legal charges. Please keep in mind, there are just estimated costs. I do not guarantee that these are the actual costs of a lawyer in your area. You should expect higher fees with a more experienced and well-known lawyer. You want someone who is an expert, but just be aware, you pay more. When you are looking for a lawyer that is highly specialized, you will pay higher fees. estimates lawyers’ rates are usually between $100 to $200 per hour in smaller towns. The hourly rate goes up in areas that are more metropolitan. Those rates tend to be between $200 to $400 per hour. The hourly rate depends on factors such as operating expenses, location, and expertise. You should be careful when selecting a lawyer. Remember, you may not want to pick the one with the cheapest rate because many things come with a lawyer that costs a little more. You get a lawyer that may be better able to address your situation faster and is better able to estimate the number of hours needed for your case. If you want a pricey lawyer but cannot afford the cost, you may want to consider law firm loans.


is the average hourly rate for lawyers across all states and legal fields.


If you opt for a contingency fee, the lawyer may take as much as 30 percent to 40 percent of your settlement. You may be able to negotiate the percentage they take from your settlement. The amount your lawyer takes from your settlement may also depend on when settlement is made on your case. The earlier the settlement is made, the less your lawyer has to do and the percentage may be lower.

Can I Get A Loan For A Lawyer?

The short answer is yes, you can get a loan to pay for a lawyer. You may be concerned about the cost of a lawyer and with good reason. They are not cheap. Most people do not have a budget item for attorney fees. Well, some people might, but probably not the average person. If you are considering a lawyer, but do not think you can afford one, you do have the option of financing legal fees.

You can get law firm loans, more commonly known as a personal loan. You can get a personal loan for any purpose. It is money given to you by a lender for you to do with what you will. When you obtain a loan, you can pay for the lawyer upfront without having to scramble to find the money. You can pay the retainer fee and the hourly rate after that.

A personal loan is when a lender allows you to borrow money and you promise to repay that money. You repay it by making regular payments, usually once a month, for the term of the loan. The term is the amount of time you have to repay the loan, typically three to five years. The lender charges you interest as a fee for allowing you to borrow money. The lender sets the interest amount based on your credit score. All of the terms of the loan are outlined in the loan agreement, which you should read before signing.

USA map with borders.

Advantages of A Law Firm Loan

There are some advantages to obtaining a legal loan. One of the most obvious ones is that it can reduce the amount of stress on you to come up with a lump sum for the lawyer’s retainer. If you need a lawyer, it is already a stressful situation. You do not want to add any more stress by having to worry about finding the money. You still have to pay back the money, but it is easier to make monthly payments than to come up with one lump sum.

If you expect to receive some type of settlement, you can pay off law firm loans when you get that lump sum. This may be just a temporary solution while you are waiting for additional funds. You may be able to find a loan with low interest, especially if you have good credit. This may be a better solution than not having a lawyer if you need to appear in court. It may be a price worth paying if the alternative solution is not having a lawyer to defend you.

What Does Pro Bono Mean?

The words 'pro bono' are Latin and it means that work is taken voluntarily and for no charge. The actual translation of the words 'Pro Bono' is 'for the good of the people'. Typically this term is used for legal purposes, but there are other cases where someone provides a service for free. There are many organizations that provide services pro bono, because it is for the public good. They recognize there is a need for a specific service to a specific population of people and they offer those services to help make the world a better place. If you cannot afford a lawyer and are unable to obtain law firm loans, you should look for organizations offering pro bono.

Disadvantages of A Law Firm Loan

While there may be some important advantages to a lawyer loan, there are also some disadvantages. You need to consider both the pros and the cons to be able to make the right decision. If you are expecting a settlement and you plan to pay off the loan with that money, it may take a long time before you see the money. Some settlements can take a long time. If you have a loan, you have to make regular payments and you must continue to make them even if you have not gotten your settlement. The longer you make monthly payments for your loan means the more interest you pay.

When looking for law firm loans, you should be careful in which lender you select. Not all lenders have your best interest in mind. Some are just trying to make money and they do not care how their interest and fees impact you. It is your responsibility to understand the terms of the loan. You must read all contracts and agreements thoroughly before you sign them. If you do not understand something, ask questions. Once you sign the document, it is up to you to comply with the terms.

Another drawback to getting lawyers’ loans is you are taking on more debt. This is money that you must repay and now you are on the hook to pay it back each month. If you do not have any additional funds with which to make the payments, you can put yourself in a bad position. You are also adding to your debt to income ratio, which could lower your credit score. All of this should be carefully considered before you take on a loan, even if it is to pay for lawyer’s fees.


You are the only person that can decide if law firm loans are a good idea for you. It does not matter what type of loan you are considering, you should always make sure you can afford it. You have to take a look at your budget and determine if you can truly afford the monthly payments that go along with a loan. You must remember a loan is money that you are borrowing. It is not a gift, you must repay the loan. Even for law firm loans, you still have to repay the money regardless if you receive a settlement.

If you know that cannot afford a loan, you should not even consider it. Taking out a loan that you cannot afford to repay puts you in a bad financial position. It negatively impacts your credit and you have to deal with collection calls. If you already need a lawyer, it is probably a stressful situation. Do not make it a worse situation by adding financial problems on top of it. Most lenders do whatever they have to do to get their money. That may mean suing you, which puts you right back in the position of needing a lawyer. However, now you will not have the option of obtaining a loan to pay for the lawyer. You have to make a sound decision when determining if you should obtain a loan. That decision includes determining if you can repay the loan.

It may come as a surprise to you in today’s world that you cannot use a credit card to pay for something. Typically, a lawyer does not accept payment by credit card. There are always exceptions so you may be able to find one that will take credit card payments. The bottom line is the attorney wants to make sure the money is in their account. This is why they ask for money up front in the form of a retainer.

Lawyers that accept credit card payments move the money into their trust account to ensure that it is there in advance. If you use a credit card, the lawyer will have you sign a document that allows the lawyer to charge your credit card for a specific amount on the same day of each month. This way the lawyer has a binding contract with you.

It may be simpler and cheaper for you if you obtain law firm loans. Most often, you can obtain a loan that has a lower interest rate than what your credit card offers. However, you may want to consider a credit card that offers a special promotion of 0 percent interest for a specified amount of time.

I am sure you are thinking that there has to be a way to decrease legal fees. If you do not want law firm loans, you may consider some other options. There are some items you can handle for yourself. You should do some research online to determine what needs to happen in your particular case. Then you can fill out as many documents as you can on your own. For example, if you need a lawyer to file for divorce, there is a lot of it that you can do for yourself. You can get the forms online and fill them out. This way all the lawyer has to do is review them. You can determine your rights and be prepared for what you want to achieve as a result of hiring a lawyer. The more information you know before seeking legal assistance, the better off you will be.

When you do select a lawyer, find out all the fees up front. Every contact you have with your lawyer costs you money. You should find out how much upfront. Be sure to get an itemized list of fees including phone calls and emails. Remember each phone call you make to your lawyer adds to your bill. You should call as little as possible. Perhaps it costs less to email, so that may be your preferred method of communication.

You should know what documentation your lawyer needs. Gather as much of that information as you can and get digital and paper copies. This saves time for your lawyer and money for you. This way your lawyer does not have to acquire these documents and create a digital or paper copy. You have it all available already.

Legal aid is something that is offered through the state and sometimes federal government to provide legal assistance to those with little to no money. Often there are nonprofit organizations that also provide legal assistance. Legal aid is available specifically to those in financial need. If you are already receiving some type of government assistance, you most likely also qualify for legal aid.

For those who have little to know income, law firm loans may not be an option. The type of service for which you are eligible is directly related to your family income. It is not just your income, but the income of everyone in your household. When determining if you qualify for assistance, your gross income matters. Your gross income is the amount of money you earn before taxes or any other deductions.

It is not the amount of money you see in your paycheck. This is an important thing to understand when it comes to qualifying for assistance. There are also varying levels of assistance. In some cases, you may be eligible for advice over the phone, but not true representation. In other cases, you may be eligible for representation. It also depends on the type of assistance you require, for example, if it is a domestic violence case, you may be eligible for more services even with a slightly higher income.

Lawyers typically want to receive their money up front. They understand that most often they are dealing with people in stressful situations and want to ensure they are getting paid for their work. They also know that cases can often be long and drawn out, so they want to make sure they continue to get paid. Let’s face it, lawyers are trying to earn a living, too. While they are in this business to help people, they want to be paid. Many lawyers are not interested in setting up payment plans, but you never know. It always helps to ask the question. If you can pay the retainer, they may be willing to set up a payment plan after that based on the number of hours they estimate for your case.

It also depends heavily on the type of case you have as to what the lawyer is willing to agree. If you have a case where there is going to be a settlement, the lawyer may be willing to work on contingency, or some type of payment plan. If it is a defense case with no money settlement at the end, the lawyer may be less willing to accept a payment plan. You should talk honestly with your potential lawyer and see what agreement you can find. Until you have a conversation, you will not know. As a last resort, you may want to consider law firm loans.

Does My Credit Matter?

Anytime you are considering borrowing money, your credit matters. Your credit score matters for so many things including getting a house, a car, insurance, and sometimes, a job. It also matters when considering law firm loans. You should consider getting a copy of your credit record to see your credit score. There are many apps where you can pull your credit record. You are entitled to one free copy per year. You should review it and understand your credit report. It contains details about your credit history.

You actually might be surprised at all the details it contains about you. Your credit report shows your entire credit history, including credit cards, homes, balances in your bank accounts. It also shows every missed or late payment that you have made. In addition, it shows how late your payments were, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. It shows your credit utilization and any bankruptcies you have had. If you have hand any businesses, that shows up on your credit report, also.

Credit score scale.

Your credit score appears on your credit report. A score of 850 is an excellent credit score, but really anything above 800 is considered excellent. Anything within the range of 670 to 800 is considered good. Most people have a credit score between 600 to 750. When your credit score falls between 580 to 669, it is considered ok, or fair. Anything that is 570 or below is considered poor, or bad. This number is an indicator to lenders about your credit worthiness. It is also an indicator to lenders about how risky it is to lend you money. If they feel you are a high risk, they may not allow you to borrow money.


I have provided a lot of information about lawyers and law firm loans. There are some items that you should keep in mind when you are considering a lawyer. You should realize upfront that a lawyer is a hefty expensive, so you do you really need one? Can you handle the situation without using a lawyer? If you determine that you do need a lawyer, determine how much can you handle on your own. Do some research about your situation. You have access to so much information online, you should take advantage of it and find out as much as you can. Also, you may be able to fill out forms and get documentation that saves you money in the long run because a lawyer will not have to do it.

You should also consider if you have any legal aid or pro bono options. There may be ways that you can obtain legal assistance without having to pay the full cost. You should sit down and have an honest conversation with the lawyer you pick. You should be honest about your situation and what you can afford. The two of you may be able to come up with an agreement up front that fits both of your needs. You maybe only need assistance over the phone on an as needed basis. Depending on your situation, you may only need a lawyer to show up and make an appearance. There may be ways of decreasing the cost, but you must first understand your situation and then be honest with your lawyer. When you have more information up front, you are better able to help yourself.