Marriage Loan: Til Debt Do Us Part

The union of marriage is a beautiful way for two people to join together and memorialize their lifelong commitment. It’s very important to recognize that sharing a life partner comes with all the positive and negative aspects of life. There’s a certain vulnerability that must be embraced when letting another person into your life.

Now there’s someone else to be accountable to. It’s another person to make all of life’s decisions alongside – you’ll celebrate and cry together. This is also true when it comes to debt you take on together. It is especially true when exploring a marriage loan for wedding expenses. You’ll take this responsibility on as a couple. If it’s the right decision, you’ll never be happier.

Financing a Wedding with a Marriage Loan

Loans for wedding expenses should be viewed through a similar vantage point. A marriage loan exists to assist couples with the countless expenses that arise surrounding the wedding. If you think about the example of the car, certainly you can recognize that adding an extra boost of cash for your wedding can be even more rewarding than driving a car.

A life experience is time that you can never get back and can be a great source of positive memories to propel you and your partner into the future. A marriage loan can have the power to completely transform your wedding and allow for the perfect day to unfold as you dreamed.

If you find the right lender for you, a marriage loan can be one of the best financial decisions you made when planning your wedding. But going into debt should always be done carefully and in a controlled way. That’s where Loanry comes in. Together with Fiona, we connect you with reputable lenders withing seconds of filling out this form below. Not only that, but you can also literally shop for a loan, like in a shopping mall. In this way, you can find the best one for you.

Marriage Loan Do’s and Don’ts


For that extra thousand dollars needed to hire the best photographer.

Adding valet parking vs. no valet and having your guests walk a far distance.

Free up some cash to be able to pay for an out-of-town relative to fly in for the wedding.

Take financial pressure off of your parents or other relatives that want to contribute.

For that one “out of budget” item that will just put a huge smile on your face.

Pros and Cons of Wedding Loans: Debt Do us Part


You cannot afford any budget and have no viable method to pay back the loan.

You depend on the gifts to pay back the marriage loan.

Not being 100% the wedding is the right decision for you.

The idea of loans for wedding expenses is just too stressful when starting a life together.

Wedding finance programs are too confusing and just causing arguments prior to the wedding.

Should You Go Into Debt before Marriage?

Many new couples have a negative perspective when it comes to debt. However that doesn’t allow the best viewpoint. Debt is merely a relationship to capital and a financial dynamic that exists. The fear of not being able to pay off the debt or risk of too much debt exposure preventing future purchases requiring credit, can be classified as negative. This is why you must be careful with the type of debt you take on. Decide together if a marriage loan is your best wedding finance solution.

However, in the right manner debt can be positive and allow for opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Therefore, if the debt is managed properly and paid off it might prove beneficial. For example, many new couples take a loan for a vehicle purchase for different reasons. Among which they either don’t have the money upfront or prefer to have the cash available for other things presented in life.

Let’s say that you finance a car over five (5) years. You have payments of $300 per month. It’s clear that after all payments are made you’ll be driving that car and it will cost $0 per month. Likely you’ll need to budget between $800 – $1,500 per year for incidentals, but that’s still less expensive than $3,600 per year.

Case in point is that the debt you took for the car ended up saving you money over the long term. It was, in the end, very positive for your finances. Obviously if you couldn’t really afford the monthly payments to begin with then stress might set in early. However that’s not because of debt. Tt’s because you’ve over extended yourself.

Discovering Financial Solutions for Marriage Loans

These are just snapshots to consider as you digest the fact you are jumping into marriage. – one of the greatest and special moments in life. As you and your partner begin to discuss wedding loan options it’s very important to know how you’ll pay it back. Then balance it among other life expenses. The key is to go into this debt as a couple and come out of this debt as a couple. Wedding finance debt can really help facilitate a healthy marriage. A couple that’s so thankful these financial vehicles are available. Go with the flow positively and enjoy all events surrounding your wedding, with or without a marriage loan.

Now it’s time to get serious and tie the knot. So if you don’t have all the cash you’ll either have to settle for less, borrow from family, or take out a loan. You could also do a combination of those options for your wedding finance goals. A little from here and there to make it work. Look; Marriage is all about compromise and dedication to build a successful marriage.

When it comes to debt and marriage let’s be honest there are some debt terms that last more than some marriages – till debt do us part. A marriage loan isn’t a thirty (30) year mortgage. However it will help make the start of your union, go the extra mile.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Even if you put together your wedding plans and outlined a budget to make it work, be prepared for the unexpected. The same way unanticipated expenses come up during life, the same is true for the wedding. This dynamic is normal and all part of things running smoothly. Don’t worry you’re not alone and there’s always a helping hand nearby.

Many new couples feel that they want to avoid debt and marriage at all costs. However know that it is not always possible, and in fact even rare. Here’s a quick list of debt you’re likely to take on during the marriage.

Til Debt Do us Part:

1. Buying a home together – Mortgage debt is very common and provides couples an affordable way to buy a home.

2. Car purchase – As you plan a family together, you might need a larger car and financing this over 72 months is feasible.

3. Furniture – Your needs may change and new furniture is expensive, that’s why stores offer credit cards and zero interest promotions too.

4. Car repairs – Even if you own your vehicles, car repairs are inevitable and can sometimes cost a fortune.

5. Dental Care – Health insurance costs are expensive, perhaps you didn’t opt for dental coverage and these procedures are expensive.

6. Medical – Even with insurance, today deductibles can be very high and this can be a major financial strain.

7. Clothing – As the years go by you’ll need to refresh the wardrobe and nice suits, dresses, shoes, and more can have high price tags.

8. Jewelry – The special moments, like anniversaries and birthdays, come up even if you don’t have extra cash, credit makes it possible.

9. Home repairs – Home maintenance is inevitable and things break because of age or get damaged from accidents.

10. Technology – At some point you’ll need to replace that old computer, phone, or other device. Financing these items are a great option.

Debt: A Useful Tool

Clearly you can see that debt is necessary and helpful throughout your marriage. Using credit for these items is almost unavoidable and just a part of life. So when thinking about loans for wedding expenses you should feel the same way – it exists to help you. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between help and a gift.

The company extending credit anticipates to be paid back and sometimes the interest rate can be high. Be sure to review all the fine print and understand the terms – just like any other type of debt you’ll experience throughout your marriage.

Good and Bad Credit Scores – Important for Marriage Loans

You’re an adult and ready to get married, but did you know that your credit score is an important factor. As you begin to explore your wedding plans together and realize that a marriage loan is necessary, your credit score will matter. Sure the details fluctuate, but unsecured debt is typically determined by your credit score and it might even be connected to the interest rate applied to the loan. Going forward, your credit score is something that should be monitored and maintained in good standing.

This will alleviate situations in which you’ll likely avoid being denied for credit, especially at times that it’s healthy and helpful to get through moments in life when you need a little extra help. Talk openly with your finance about their credit and views about how to pay for your wedding – great communication leads to positive relationships.

Common Reasons to Look Into a Marriage Loan

Wedding Savings Infographic

Now that you understand debt can be a part of marriage and managed together, let’s take a look at some common reasons for a marriage loan for wedding expenses. Sure loans free up cash in hand, but that shouldn’t be the only motivation – the means should justify the ends here.

1. Wedding Clothing – Having the extra cash available to pay for that dream dress or sharp tuxedo can make all the difference in how you feel.

2. Photographer – Being able to pay a little extra for fantastic pictures will give you memories to cherish for years to come.

3. Stress Reducer – Money is a source of stress, so having the option to alleviate that stress with a marriage loan is the perfect remedy.

4. Memorable Gift – Some love the idea of some extra cash to be able to purchase nice thank you gifts for all those generous people that helped throughout the wedding.

5. Days off – Planning a wedding is not easy and takes time. Many people with limited vacation days off from their jobs need to take sick days to get everything done necessary for the wedding. Sometimes time might even be unpaid and that’s unfortunate, but a marriage loan can also be helpful to take the pressure off so you can plan properly without worrying that you need to take an unpaid day.

These points are meant to get you thinking outside the box and to carefully consider how to best experience the start to your marriage. Although there are so many variations as to why you would consider a marriage loan, the ability to access this resource is fantastic.

Keep Time on Your Side

You might find a quick turnaround time for a marriage loan if you’re in a pinch. However that’s not the most advantageous way to plan. Among different advice, the main one is: start thinking about these options as early as possible. This way you can weigh your loan options and prioritize accordingly. For most people the decision to get married is not impulsive and therefore things surrounding that decision deserve the same care.

You can quickly review a list of essential aspects to getting married and planning a wedding, pick one that looks comprehensive and begin reviewing while at the same time balancing against your budget. Trust me there will be so many different items that you’ll be focused on during this time, so make sure you approach considering a marriage loan with a clear head – therefore the sooner the better.

Seek a Professional – Get the Right Information – Be informed

Life doesn’t always function as smoothly as it should and perhaps you never heard of a marriage loan. It’s okay, but if you must move fast and figure out a last minute solution get in touch with someone who can help. Discover a reputable company that can confidently answer your questions, but more importantly connect you with a marriage loan that fits your needs.

The person will walk you through the ins and outs of this process so you can get back to focusing on your wedding – remember that’s the main goal. Don’t lose track of this special occasion and keep moving forward with a big smile, because you’re entering a new chapter in your life.

In many ways like good debt, marriage keeps you devoted and investing in the final payoff – a life well lived with your loved one. There will likely be many experiences in your financial future and you’ll quickly understand that it’s part of life. As you begin to plan how to save money on your wedding you should outline the necessary elements to your wedding it should become apparent if a loan for your wedding will help. Talk to each other, open and honestly every step of the way to ensure a healthy and positive marriage.

As explained, debt is a neutral part of life but it’s our relationship to that debt which can be positive or negative. I hope this guide will help get you comfortable with this aspect of marriage and you learn to work together. Learning about this dynamic and being about to read about it should give you clarity on the topic or at least get you to think about it. Perhaps this will also spark you to ask questions and reach out to a professional.


Many people have heard the saying that “nobody can escape Death and Taxes”, I’d like to add DEBT to that too. As explained above, there are various common areas of debt that arise throughout your life. It’s very hard to avoid, but it shouldn’t be thought as something negative to avoid. Rather, it’s usually an unavoidable beautiful part of life.

Again, this requires a change in perspective when it comes to thinking about debt and marriage. The time is here for you to develop your own perspective and to come to that conclusion together (even if you disagree). Each person has his or her own unique views about debt and loans, but certainly learning about new resources will help make educated decisions.

Marriage loans have become popular today and you’d be surprised how couples have embraced them over the years. Today it can be difficult to make a living, have money in savings, and still balance daily expenses.

That’s why having a solution available like wedding loans can be very useful to starting a life together and to make it possible to celebrate with family and friends. Typically, these aren’t big loan amounts making it less of a lifetime commitment than the decision you’re about to embark on into the future. Good luck on your decision to be married, embrace it and enjoy this beautiful part of life.

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