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Legal Fees Explained

What is A Personal Loan Origination Fee?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she needs a little extra money. It could be because you want to make a big purchase for a house or car. It may be because some unexpected emergency occurred and you need money fast. No matter the reason, it will happen to you at ...

Including a Personal Loan Payment in Your Budget

Most of us have considered taking out a personal loan for one reason or another. We may have a big expense to cover like a wedding, a new car, or even the birth of a child. The loan itself is usually not the point of concern for most people, however. Most people wonder how they will ...
How to Get Pre-qualified for a Personal Loan?

How to Get Pre-qualified for a Personal Loan?

Everyone comes to a point in their lives when he or she needs a loan. It is impossible to own things without having to borrow money in some way. That may be a mortgage for a house, a loan for a car, or credit cards. These are all basically loans. I know finances can be ...
Default on a Personal Loan

What Does it Mean to Default on a Personal Loan?

Before we get into the the meaning of a default on a personal loan, let’s look at the numbers. It’s rare to find a business default on its loans, but in 2018 less than one percent did. Consumer loans or personal loans, on the other hand, is currently at a 3.63 percent default rate. The ...
How Does A Personal Loan Effect Your Credit?

How Does A Personal Loan Effect Your Credit?

There are several things you need to consider before you get any type of loan and this includes the impact the loan will have on your credit. However, the primary determinant for this aspect is your credit profile. Sometimes a personal loan can help improve your credit scores and credit, especially if your primary purpose ...
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